He Never Says He Misses Me! What This Means For Your Relationship

 He Never Says He Misses Me! What This Means For Your Relationship

"He never says he misses me or loves me!" Obviously you don't want to be a woman saying that, do you? But unfortunately you are. You're with a great guy but there are a few things that you wish were different. If you two are busy and you have to go a few days without seeing one another it would be great to hear him tell you that he misses you, wouldn't it? It would also be heavenly to hear him say just what you mean to him. You may have reached a point where you've started to question exactly what he does feel for you. That's understandable given the fact that he's not one for sharing. Before you decide that he's not as invested in the relationship as you are, it's a good idea to take some time to really understand why some men just aren't comfortable saying they miss you or love you.

If he never says he misses you don't automatically assume that he doesn't. When you care deeply for someone it's natural to miss them when you don't have an opportunity to see them. Just as your heart pines away for him, his is likely doing the same for you. The difference is that some men just don't feel comfortable expressing that out loud. They feel that it's not masculine to share those thoughts so they keep them inside. That's why you're not getting any real response when you tell him that you miss him.

Other men won't share what they feel out of fear. Some men believe that if they tell a woman that they miss her or that they love her, it makes them vulnerable. Men like this actually feel emotionally exposed when they share what they feel. In a sense they think that the woman of their affection will see it as a weakness and will use it as a tool of manipulation. If you care deeply for him you obviously won't view his feelings in this way, but it's important to recognize that he may worry that you will.

Your guy may also not be sharing these sentiments with you because he's just not the vocal type. Some men feel better showing a woman what they feel instead of trying to express it to her through words. Maybe he brings you flowers regularly or he's always cooking you dinner or giving you a shoulder massage. Don't overlook his actions. They may be saying even more than words ever could.

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