KimF: I'm here! JimL: Great!

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KimF: I'm here! JimL: Great! MeganR left the room.

BarbaraEd ed the room. MeganR ed the room. KimF: The trials and tribulations of online instruction! JenniferCM How are the twins? BarbaraEd: Greetings, Kim!

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CamilleG ed the room. JimL: ok, let me introduce Kim Fitzer, who I mentioned has just finished her masters online, teachs, and had twins. KimF: They are doing fine, thanx for asking. LiliaH ed the room. Anything you want to add chat no any of those or about the twins? CristyM: What were the perks of recieving your masters online? JenniferCM Thank you for taking chat with teens online time to talk to us, when you are so busy!!

ChristinMC: Was it difficult to not meet face-to-face often?

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KerryE left the room ed off. KerryE ed the room. StephaniL ed the room. RuthieS ed the room. KeniaM: Dirty chat room entered the conversation JoB: Congratulations on your twins and your completion of your on-line program! KimF: I'll address Jim's question first, and then talk about the chhat aspect of the program. JillW ed the room.

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SallyN: Much less confusing, answering the questions one at a time! AgustinA ed the room. PhilE ed the room. JimL: You there, Kim?

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KimF: I think that the most rewarding aspect of producing an online portfolio is being able to see all of your work and how it fits into a professional context. We really had to focus on who our audience is, and then tailor our selections chqt the portfolio to fit that group.

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AgustinA: what criteria did you select to narrow your audience? JimL: People were very impressed with your eportfolio Kim. Who was your chst KimF: Luckily, we had produced enough work along the way during the course workthat reinventing the wheel wasn't really necessary. SallyN: What is cyat link for Kim's eportfolio? To what extent did you find yourself focusing your curriculum on the technological aspects? KimF: Actually, Jim, platonic fun chat link has changed.

JimL: so that's the "pre-makeover" link? JimL: What's the new one?

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MeganR: How did the dynamics of the chat de colombianas the online class functioned affect or alter how you conduted your classroom environment or procedures with your students at school? JimL left the room ed off. KimF: MeganR, it had a tremendous impact. I used a lot of what I was investigating in the classroom, like the Online Instructional Environments Blackboard, and such.

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JoB left the room ed off. JimL: How did you integrate the demands of teaching and family with your masters program? KimF: JoB, no. I felt comfortable with the program always. PhilE: It seems as though this chat room discussion is in need of leadership. Which cbat is Kim supposed to answer?

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Does fastest typist dominate? How has this been handled in other online courses? JimL: Variously, Phil.

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KimF: Well, you have to set aside time each day to work. I found that if I put things off, it made catching up very difficult, because, chah always something to do with your family. BarbaraEd: So, the big question for me is JoB ed the room. KimF: We did have chat times.

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That helped a lot, because we learned from each other. BarbaraEd: Live chat times?

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KimF: Yes. SallyN: Kim- How did you integrate the Blackboard with your students How did students without Internet access at home manage to participate in these discussions?

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KimF: Both synchronous and asynchronous discussions JenniferCM what would you consider the greatest impact of the nasty dirty chat on your classroom teaching? StephaniL What would you consider was the most beneficial aspect of the online program? What would you have changed?

KimF: SallyN, Blackboard was a great experience. Since I teach technology classes, I had a full lab at my disposal.

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cgat Students were able to use BB in the classroom and outside at home or in the open labs. JoB: How much computer knowlege did you have before you started the program and was it a prerequisite when you applied granny chat searcy the program? KerryE: I know you have several questions to answer, but I'm curious about the limitations of an online course.

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KimF: StephaniL, I learned so much about using web development. It actually helped me to obtain a job at a very prestigious school due to my experience in web development. JillW I see that you teach tech classes where all students I'm assuming have access to computers in the classroom making it easier for your students to have access to 321. Was this typical of the online masters program?

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What other subjects did members of your class hcat KimF: KerryE, there are some limitations. Not meeting face-to-face was problematic in some of the elective courses. For instance, I had Math classes cjat which there was no online support. Made it very difficult. JimL: There's a lot of variability among the online masters group - some are in christian support chat with students with lots of access and some are in schools with very few students having access.

DebraAR: Do you know of teachers who used web-conferencing using computers at home? MeganR: How did you recieve hands on help when and if it was needed? KimF: JillW, many of the teachers had limited access, and were able cha make things work. PhilE: How does one chag commaraderie in anonline class? I have taken one myself, but I always felt detached from the other members. Also, we did group projects but it was cbat awkward to discuss details via internet bulletin boards due to long turn around times.

How have you solved these girls who want to chat This was several years ago, and perhaps technology has advanced? KimF: MeganR, yes, help was always available, and prompt. We also kept a log of problems we encountered and then talked about them during chat. KimF: PhilE, it seemed that our cohorts bonded well. I think we could credit our instructors with that, because when we did meet face-to-face, they made it a point to get us involved with one another.

AgustinA left the room ed off.

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CristyM left the room ed off. BrookeK left the room ed off. KierstenC left the room ed off. BrookeK ed the room. PhilE: Would you say that face-to-face meetings, then, are chaf My class never met. KimF: Of course, I didn't become best friends with anyone, but I did chat de priape some connections that proved to be very productive.