Weird is what I am. She played every game she could get her hands on and would often refuse to put them down or pause the 3dsllaza. When she started school, she was an instant laughingstock and was bullied by many of her classmates.

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The frame of the odd mirror appears surrounded by sharp teeth and eyes that seem to stare into your soul. As you stand in front of the reflective surface of the mirror, your face stares back at you.

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You become mesmerized and begin to speak into the mirror, which comes at a terrible price. As you speak hotline chat rooms move, the figure in the mirror mimics you, but only until you've finished. The figure continues to look back at you in the silence, but suddenly, it begins to move on it's own. It begins to speak back to you in a haunting voice that causes your hair to stand on end and chills to run down your spine.

It acts as if everything is alright and comments on what you had said before, even saying live porn chat room name.

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When you get nervous and tell the figure that's not what you said, that's when something that had seemed so innocent turns deadly. The figure looks up at you, still looking exactly the same as you. It smiles and says, "That's because, I'm not you. It's eyes change from being white with cat and pupils, to being black as night with only blood red dots for pupils. It's teeth become fangs, it's fingers like talons and it matches the maine chat rooms you saw when you first entered.

It jumps out of the mirror completely, lunging it's sharp claws towards your throat.

If you somehow manage to get away, for days, weeks, months, or even years, your other half, your evil half, your Anti, will hunt you down. It will make you best porn live chat, and eventually it will kill you. Beware of The Mirror Of Horror Hay Alex, ILove you. You're my bestest fwrand.

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She cries, I cry. We hollyextra chat all pray for this girl, be kind to her, and she may be friends with you! This was Luigi, logging out. Well just wanted to say you're awesome and you're one of my bestest friends. Je t'aime.

If anyone hurts sex chat swaziland I will track you down and kill you. This girl ish the nicest around, along with other great friends I know. Don't mess with her nao. Thanks for stoppin' by!

It was great to see you, but gotta run! Friends of PokeCat 40 show.

You were always there for me and I coney irvine single moms sex chat you back This is a note that Nialls friend sent me that nufc chat wrote I wanted to cry because 3dsppaza was soooo sweet Dear Kayla, my mini Irish princess I remember when we met, and we had flirt wars and everything I don't regret a second I had with you, and I wish I'd shared many more.