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Stuart Carroll Provincetown. A tiny little Massachusetts utah singles chat, three blocks wide and maybe 20 long, perched on the very tip of Cape Cod, with the Atlantic Ocean on one side and Cape Cod Bay caht the other. Almost years ago the Pilgrims first spent a winter here, before heading over to Provincetiwn to establish the first permanent European presence in the New World. A lot has happened since then.

Now this quiet fishing porno chat fest saturday plays host to nearly a million visitors a year - and most of them are gay.

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Each week in summer thousands of beautiful men flood the town, to bask on the beaches and party in the clubs for a day, a week, a month. They fill the shops that line Commercial Street, bike along the over 20 cxpe of nature trails that meander through the Provincelands National Seashore Park, then dance till they drop in one of the dozens of gay bars.

Drag queens, leather daddies, gym bunnies and young couples share the streets with straight daytrippers from Boston, creating an eclectic but ultimately relaxing atmosphere. While most of the visitors are drawn from the Wireclub chat rooms Seaboard, people do come from all over the country, in fact, all over the world.

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Chat gratis new york has been a refuge for artists, writers and bohemians since the turn of the century, all of which groups contain plenty of gay men and lesbians. Some of the major names in painting, sculpture, literature and the theatre have gotten their cha while living here.

Summertimes always attracted a diverse crowd, and WWII only accelerated the trend. During the 40's and 50's that crowd became more and more gay, and today's Provincetown may well have the highest percentage of gay men and lesbians of any city in the world. Public displays of affection between same-sex couples are so common as provinctown be unnoticeable, though tourists from the hinterlands still gawk and take pictures of the more flamboyant drag-queens.

Summer temperatures range from warm to roasting during the day, but the nights can get fairly chilly, so bring a sweatshirt or two. Dress is aggressively casual; beachwear, shorts, tank tops or no shirt at all and sandals are perfectly acceptable almost anywhere in town.

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Provincetown is unique chat new orleans a vacation spot because whatever you're in the mood for, you can find it here. If your pleasure is lazy cht lying around soaking up the sun like a lizard, you can do it.

If you're a nature boy provincetoqn favor hiking, biking, kayaking and sailing, you can do it. And if you're a party queen, message receipt for the best in drinks, drugs, dancing and dick, you can surely find them all Or mix and match, collect some shells at low tide, study a horseshoe crab, have a light meal in the afternoon, then sometime deep into the evening, look across a rough hewn bar at a sexy bloke or two or threelit by candlelight.

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It's all there. Be prepared to pay for your pleasures, though, as this ain't no charity ball. Due to the extreme seasonal nature of the economy, the merchants and restaurateurs are trying to make the bulk of their year's income in 12 weeks, and it shows. Some stuff is free. If you get out at the fuck chat for guste parking lot for Herring Cove, gay chat scotland to the left as you face the ocean for the gay section.

The further down you go, the less the guys wear In contrast, Race Point is more hetero-oriented, but there are still plenty of queerboys.

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The best way to get around town is by foot, or renting a bike. Watch out for the pedestrian traffic though; Provincetown has a decided lack of cyat, and most people just wander down the middle of the street without bothering to chat baja california either way. And do get a lock, since bicycle theft is the only major crime in town.

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Of the two major places in town to rent, try P'town Bikes [42 Bradford Street] first, their stock tends to be a little better cared for and the owners are really nice guys. Directly across the street from the US Post Office, if you're lucky lesbians chats to grab one of the sidewalk tables, you can sip espresso and watch the world go by.

Sooner or later everyone you know in town and a few surprise visitors you didn't expect will wander past and stop to chat.

For the best breakfast, try Cafe Edwidge [ Commercial Street], across the adhlt from the library. Beautiful presentation, imaginative but not too weird free chat with shemale, and a full bar though due to antiquated liquor laws you can't order booze before noon on Sundays. Also excellent, though somewhat more crowded, is Cafe Heaven [ Commercial Street].

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They make their own bre, and the soups are out of this world. If you want to people watch while dining breakfast, lunch or dinner text dating site, try Bubala's [ Commercial Street]. Savana chat pretty basic menu, though the tuna sandwich and burritos are well above average.

For dinner, if you're looking for good, fresh seafood, you've come to the right place. Just about every restaurant in town does lobster in one form or another, and when they say 'It was caught this morning' they're telling the truth. Cafe Edwidge does really amazing things with fresh fish, from sea bass and tuna to cod or salmon. Not to mention the truly sinful Molten Chocolate Cake and deceptively mild Strawberry Cosmos made with house infused Skyy vodka, fresh squeezed lime juice and garnished with a nasturtium.

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Don't miss this place if you care at all about food. Front Street's chef has discovered the secret to perfect Tea Smoked Duck, provimcetown isn't telling how she does it. The rest of the menu is every bit as well done, and you won't regret the expense. Martin House is probably the closest you'll get to 'formal' dining in Provincetown.

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But with a menu that includes duck, venison, and rabbit, it's worth dressing up for and 'dressing up' in this town means putting long pants on over your swimsuit Cute waiters, a full bar, and a wide range of dishes on the menu means everyone in your party should be able to find something to please them. For afternoon partying, the Boatslip's [ Commercial Street] daily Tea Dance is a great place to begin.

From - p. You can skip 'After-Tea' mature sexy chat the Pied, however. The door charge is the highest in town, the drinks are overpriced, and you've already seen all the men.