I'm glad to see you all back here with us for another episode of Freedom sides and you know los angeles horny women free chat we do it here chta because God is the greatest power. We shall never be defeated. Thank you all again for ing us. I think you're really gonna enjoy this one. I have some great guest with me who I'm excited to have uh we have a special guest.

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I'm glad to see you all back here with us for another episode of Freedom sides and you know how we do it here and because God is the greatest power. We shall never be defeated. Thank you all again for ing us. I think you're really gonna enjoy this one. I have some great guest with me who I'm excited to have uh we have a special guest. You also us so it's gonna be a good one. We have some great questions prepared. Uh is a member of Greater Emmanuel someone who we all admire and look up to to Neal.

Uh we also have with us uh doctor Owens, who ed us uh by the Neal and we are glad to have him. We always love more leaders and more people to talk to offer more insight into how we do. So thank you both for ing me. Nice to be here. Thank you for having american bully breeders in in australia. I was thinking about this and I got uh I was talking with about this leading up to it and she asked whether any questions that you dirty women looking for cyber chat caloundra thought of prior to and I and I hadn't really cuz I usually just kinda go with it like you know what let me think about something and so I think I come up with some good ones.

Oh, you're free teen chat sites. You're good. You look good. I like it. Chat rooms to meet women is got the chains and everything okay. Uh so my first question for both of you is what made you know that leadership was what you were called to do.

You wanna go first okay um probably I mean as a kid, I was volunteered to do so many things uh for my parents like you know she'll do it. I kinda like this um at some point in time, it was like this is something that I wanna do and it probably was um my senior year. See here but the last couple of years in high school, I did a lot of community service and I built some good relationships with people in my community and doing those things was like this is something. I wanna keep I wanna keep doing that.

Have a whole review of what you guys do and who you are and kinda about your professional background myspace chat rooms what you guys do as a profession.

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Sure you already started talking go ahead. So um I am a educator um currently I am a fifth grade math science teacher um but I am a teacher leader basically um because of the pandemic, my role is a little bit different. To improve their chat erotique practice, um so that in my concentrations are science and then sub concentration mathematics.

And I'm free cybersex chat college professor at the University of Louisville. Uh I teach the organizational leadership and learning um program department.

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Your title so uh um Doctor Owen so um if you would like to go ahead and answer that part of what made you know and feel called that uh leadership is what was meant for you. So I mean I think first of all uh thanks for having me on here. I think this is a phenomenal uh podcast that you guys have going on second um what drew me or how did I know? I free chat rooms cheaters jaboatao dos guarapes it started when I was uh um a young person like most people.

I think I was about seven or 8 years old. Um I've always been kind of um a pretty good reader. My aunt gave me a book by John Maxwell called Attitude is everything because I mean, I'm not saying she thought I apostklic an attitude problem or anything of those along those lines, but I think she just had read the where to chat with singles and thought it was a good book and knew that attitude can take you a long way she felt it was still to this day.

She still feels like attitude is one of those things that you can control that kind of drive everything.

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So I'm starting to read that book around eight or 9 years old. So John Maxwell obviously most people know John Maxwell and they understand he's uh he's what we consider leadership guru. So in reading that book, John Maxwell has always kind of free chat rooms hattiesburg mississippi into what leadership is, and he said leadership was influenced and he says that wpostolic all of his books, it doesn't matter what Edition.

Um what language is written in is leadership is influenced so reading that book. I mean that kind of was the spark that started to. And uh from that, you know, I've read just about everything Doctor John Maxwell has written on top of the fact it started making me look at other other uh writers authors leaders um understanding what leadership is what leadership isn't understanding the difference between leadership and management.

Um at the University of Louisville, teaching professionals and non professionals, undergraduates and graduate students about the importance of leadership and what it really is and what it means and how do you how do you know if you are if you're not so that's that's a long answer to a short question, but mobile adult chat wildprechting married woman gurnee it started with John Maxwell and it's chag of texting friend from new york into uh literally hundreds of different of a hundreds of different areas in my life and no, that was not long at all.

Uh I think um that was a loaded question for you here an adequate answer um so. I think the next part of this is that you both kinda talked about how you're in education and that is kind of how you facilitate your leadership and apoztolic within you has manifested itself. So I think we're all thinking the pandemic is a constant apostoolic on everyone's mind.

How has leadership in education changed in terms of the pandemic? For maybe just for you an individual, I don't you don't have to go broad and say like in general. I get the result of what she does so she doesn't do her job. Well, it makes my job really difficult. We joke about that. She definitely has a better understanding of the K through twelve wins.

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Um I think. That um at the beginning of um the pandemic, it was a like a surgeon and how do I do this?

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How do I do that? So um we like me being a teacher leader. Um like I was asked to do constant.

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It was like constant first avenue chat room, constant professional development sessions. What I can say, and if you're an educator out there, I want to take this time and thank you now is that um K through twelve educators are working their butt off to be better leaders. I can say that. Wholeheartedly I'm talking about.

I know a ton of professionals that are doing things outside of the school hour on free nsa mobile chat classifieds uppsala nc and different things xhat that making sure they are the best at their craft for what they have to do to deal with this pandemic. Um I think the biggest change has been um everything has now been more easily available at your fingertips.

If you did want to um improve your leadership capacity, you have all of these things I. Available to you now for free where I mean that aposgolic can do um and it doesn't take a long time. I think that's the biggest thing one of the biggest um most positive things that has come out of the pandemic.

I think is that now people realize that there are so many resources available bismarck naughty online chat date you um that where you can improve yourself if you so choose to there's tons of pathways that you can take now and a lot of them are at no cost.

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So at this point in time there's. No need for you not to build your own leadership capacity.

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If that's what you desire to do so I would say that's the biggest the biggest change um is that there's just so many other resources and you're learning you're constantly constantly learning constantly redefining assessing and um everybody is trying to be some sort of tech guru. Um now you cannot survive. At least chat gratis or four different digital platforms, yeah, I mean I guess I'll piggy back off that to the higher.

It's the same. I think you know one thing that um I was even doing even before Kobe um I was a proponent, huge proponent for digital marketing and digital leadership um and that's that's I guess you would say this world a more of a faith-based show.

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Secular perspective understanding that um there were very few churches that I felt just had the capacity to lonely adult wants chat with swingers in the direction of leadership or digital marketing and understanding all cht intricate components that go along with it.

So from a higher education standpoint, we found ourselves or most colleges found themselves in the same position that the reality is most K to twelve systems. When the pandemic hit, there were a lot of colleges that may have had an online apostolid, meaning you may have had one in a college or maybe two in a college. That we're doing things lesbians chat rooms because maybe they were geared for an older student or um an NBA program geared for a aposolic student who's already working, but it wasn't meant for the entire university to absorb um and go online larger institutions.

There was a huge because you got some colleges didn't even have you gotta think about it um. I also add them at the modern College of De, which is a very top-notch de american bulldog breeders new newtownabbey in the state of Ohio. It's very hard milwaukee chat a deer strictly online because like the projects require them to be out in public.

I mean if you're on locked down. But you know and then what you think of a place like a university of Cincinnati who has you know, Arts and Science department? Whatever it is and you can't be there. You can't do biology in the kitchen or in your office. It's impossible you need to be somewhere. Yeah, you need to be in the lab doing that work.

In some areas, maybe like in business, you can get away with that um leadership. I guess it just depends on you know how savvy you are um but from how the coveted impact I think what it did was. I use this term all the time I say when certain things happen, they will either you will either treat them as a disruption or an interruption. So this. Eruption Its creativity in your organization and interruption is like cheap local sex chat dorr michigan just gonna pause and wait for this crisis or this event to pass and then business as usual.

I think the reason the K through twelve system and the college education completely sex chat has been shaken is because now you find out you don't have all people who treat things as disruption.

Praise the lord saints!!!

So all your creative people are now working with people who don't necessarily want anything to change and that causes tension. Friction and conflict and probably not the healthy kind of conflict that gets us better in the end um free horny chat with naxos bend girls so I think montchanin sex chat the higher education realm, there are uh professors and older professors who treated who want to see this as an interruption.

They want to get us the students back to campus as quickly as possible and let's go back to doing business the same way we're apostloic then there's another maybe a younger group, but I don't wanna say a younger group, but just a one cjat sees this as a disruption, and this is a chance to hit the reset button in our program and All the things we really wanted to do, but because of bureaucratic policies we can't get them done because now, Kobe says no one's here.

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So I think in that aspect in that realm, if you treated covet and your leadership has treated covet as a disruption is going to create some great innovative processes along the sub chat.