Alright, then yeah, it could have been worse. It could be. I got a lot going on there. That's it coming your way.

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United states militia -

Alright, then yeah, it could have been worse. It could be. I got a lot going on there. That's it coming your way.

Girls for chat need it. I'm going without sending good vibes. Alright so anyway. Good morning Good morning. Hey hi. You just need to put yourself in a bubble. I'm pretty good so who was it? Thank you. Super excited. I was like in the House.

For people, it's. I'm so ,assachusetts for you but your goodness I thought I mean I posted I know. I'm so glad.

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Good see She just don't think she was okay and you're still eating too. Go outside. Yeah, you don't get your mind. She sounds. It wasn't easy, but I got it yes. Ladies and property. phone sex text

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There it is I believe. Today, Super excited I guess okay, so alright, let's do it. Hi, how is mawsachusetts going good morning? My name is Cassie from Channel. We are here with Corey. Talk about the senses for this year so please asian random chat I wanna I wanna say something support me. He's gonna talk in English. Okay, everyone.

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My name is Courtney. You'll come here and experience this speak English and can help me for anything so that we keep it going in in English. I'm here from the County manager's office and I'm here to talk about the census.

I'm getting my Masters in public administration. Whoo two for one there you go. Very, very exciting. Alright, it happens sometimes. I have what we will go dating messages today. We'll talk about the timeline so you can know when to expect stuff from the federal government about completing the senses how you can complete it and then what concerns or questions that you may have.

Following along yes, So back on information, so what is the census can everyone raise your hand chhat you have ever completed?

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So this is that I hear we can talk about what it is. It's a form that you will receive in the mail, then you have to complete.

United states militia

They cannot do that, but it is mandated by the. Situation Okay. Hold on. I just wanna make sure that are you guys? Do you understand cuz we can have monthly. I wanna make sure okay. So the gold of the senses is deployex not everyone wants only once and free dating bedford chat room the right place.

Deployed chatham massachusetts wanna chat

So I have kind of like a pop quiz question and then you can pick a prize from over here. There are many places so cool should complete the census everybody.

Deployed chatham massachusetts wanna chat

Yes everybody. What would you like in prices of parents? Oh my God. Oh, I don't like to eat and be disturb this chat lycos fr. As I mentioned the government knows how many people are in each state each County.

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In your household and in sandys american beauties sundbyberg household, yes, ma' am. Why does it matter this is something that we are talking about earlier. Why should we be filling it out? No you're basically working for us about the sunset. So then you guys can kinda figure out like what what you should have to answer.

So it's important for one political representation. So for those of you that know we have a United States government, we have House of Representatives and Senators. The House of Representatives depends on. Many people we have in each state, then it also matters because I funding and community planning and economic development.

So I mentioned the House of Representatives depends on how many people would have an each state. So now, North Carolina is growing a lot. hot chat en irvine

So if everyone completes their senses in North Carolina, we should get one more representative, which means you get one more person in Congress, saying adult text chat bairnsdale is what North Carolina wants so that's important, especially given everything that we're dealing with now.

Secondly, funding so North Carolina received 16 million annually from the federal government based on census s. Receives a certain amount as well, but the special funding goes towards the National School Lunch program. Medicaid Medicare chip Hetart snap all of these important programs that we have they're all based on how many people fill out the senses at the town of how much lightning we get to be able to help you out of residents and then the next one is community planning and economic development.

Does anyone know not not our farms? No okay, so it's a big employer and Siler city but they actually use all chat girl of data to decide whether or not they wanted to have a place of employment in Chatham County. They use it to see how many people were there. It also helps local governments determine emergency routes.

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So when we hot women seeking free chat the hurricane and we have to plan a lot of massachussetts routes, we needed to know how many people were in what areas so we know where to go first. The reason why it's really important, then polygamy chat rooms also determines dip redistricting for schools, so I don't know if any of the schools here in Channel are Super overcoming, but you missed if they are overcrowded, It's likely because people didn't complete their senses.

So those are some of the other reason massachsuetts it's important so good. I support yes, the new parks and everything that they put up in different areas that have something to boy chat ave with those two. They might look at to see like population, but I know some of that catham to do with other things. I can't remember, but they're trying to figure out a part based on some other stuff that happened in in the past.

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To create something nice for the community so that I always free phone chat think necessarily something popping up everywhere chhatham they don't oh my God. They're great. You know they got them with the water sprinkler. I mean you know the sprinklers is can go through it and run through it in tune.

I mean, and they got. Anything to do with it. Yeah, they might look at it to see like how much you population. There is in a certain area or estimated adult chatting rooms population. So we get all the fun can I get somebody else to tell me another reason. Population to help people yeah, this could be anybody else have another reason. So I wanted to give you all the time like when you should expect to receive something from the federal government about including your senses.

Deployed chatham massachusetts wanna chat

Keep in mind. When you get this letter is gonna save resident.

It's not gonna say your name because they don't keep that information so they don't know who's living in this household. They're just saying resident and you have to still complete that form in between that time of March twelfth through the twentieth to April eighth through the sixteenth, you'll get more letters.

Deployed chatham massachusetts wanna chat

About every week trying to remind you to complete it for those of you who have deplloyed in the past, the paper form will not come until April eighth through the sixteenth because we're pushing people to complete it online.