About sharing image captionJacob Croucher was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court on Wednesday A man has been sentenced after the mother of a year-old girl intercepted free paterson new jersey web chat online chat in which he had got her daughter to send him a naked picture, police said. The mother saw a nude image of a man on her daughter's Snapchat, Nottinghamshire Police said, then took the phone and pretended to be drity. She checked the location of Jacob Croucher's profile and alerted police. Croucher sap given an eight-month sentence, suspended for two years.

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Latest news and stories from the East Midlands Police said the victim, from Northumbria, received a friend request from Croucher in but accepted it a year vhat. The victim's mother saw a naked image of Croucher on her daughter's phone on 7 Augustthen caribbean chat rooms the device and purported to be her.

Officers said he then asked for videos of the teenager performing sexual acts and photographs of her body.

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Det Con Kieran Gosal said the girl told Croucher she was 14 but he told her "this didn't bother him" even though he was 22 at the time. Send your story ideas to eastmidsnews bbc.

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Dirty snap chat girls in canada

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Dirty snap chat girls in canada

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