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No no. Right right, I've talked to people about this other um guest that I've had on and there's so many people that read all these books and do andrka these programs and they have all this knowledge, but they don't apply it. I love that I love that it's so true so like I wanna share with you guys if that's okay cuz I'm all about like let's jam packed as much value right, let's share the truth. Let's debunk myths. Is that cool? Yeah cuz the thing is we can't evade taxes right we have to pay taxes.

Yeah, I'm AS is doing their thing right, they're doing their thing and they're yeah and we can debate. However, if I can show you ways to outsmart taxes, Okay, yes more of chat swingers piqua hard-earned new jersey swingers chat free. Would you like to know how alright okay? A little complicated needs a little boring, but I'll try to make it fun and as simple as awful right, so we've got about 10 minutes on the clock.

I'm gonna try to get through this in five um, but here's the thing depending on where you're on,ine invest your money these different onlinf These different s have different tax treatments. Okay, so there are really three different taxdepending on where your money sits where your money is being held. Right here you got taxable, you see that yes deferred and tax advantage. Of three, what sounds the best to you? Advantage advantage Absolutely now throughout our financial aneria, we're gonna have our money in all those places, but the more you can have in tax advantage the better off you'll be and I'm gonna explain that okay.

So let's break it down one by one so taxable would be things like saving s Stocks bonds mutual funds okay every year, your money grows and you realize gains you're gonna have to pay what's called the capital gains tax on. Okay and that's upwards of percent so imagine how slowly your money is growing every year. That's getting knocked off. Yeah The good thing about taxable is that it's liquid.

I keep more this is not quite the place to be okay so when it comes to long-term goals, you wanna consider options that are tax deferred like tax payer kinda like. One K right BA traditional here how it works is you're investing pre-tax dollars. Okay, You have a pre-tax dollars so you don't pay any income tax on your money this year, You're gonna defer that later so while you're money is growing, it grows tax free, but guess what happens that withdrawal?

You've got to pay the taxes. How much how much will we have twenty? You are a winner grit. I'm onliine yeah, so it just depends on what income tax brackets will be at that time and how much you're pulling out because you haven't paid any taxes, then so all your growth all your gains all your contributions will be taxed as income as you withdraw it and what will income androa. By the time we retire, you know ten 50 years, maybe for some just starting off at twenty right, we don't know mysterious question.

We don't know we sex chat albany oklahoma know what the answer is I think you're kinda scary. That's me. It's kinda like, let's say you wanted to buy a home and and you are ready and I was the best lender and you can't see me and you ask me. The interest rate would be right that would be your first question about this loan like what's the interest onlinr and my response would be Andrea.

Don't worry girl I'll let you know when we get there in years. How about that? Your gains twenty-five up to fifty, maybe xxx sex chat in austin more later gets taxed cuz you didn't pay it on the upfront and you paid it on the back end right and so what we're saying is it's not all bad. You know. That's free money. Yeah, but girls chat online india usually a limit and cap as how much they will match so you wanna invest.

To the match, okay, anything over and above you wanna consider other options that are more tax advantage, so you can keep more of it later making sense. Yeah, russian roulette chat pretty simple so last with detox advantage. Yes, I have to be honest.

So what you're gonna do is you're gonna pay income tax on your money this year, so you're investing after-tax dollars all that want to go to the chat porn grows tax free and then you can access a tax free too because you're already paid. Is it on the front end? Okay, not interesting, I never knew about this Onlkne never knew about this so explain it a little bit more.

I wanna understand that I feel like you need to understand that part and I feel like it's chat buddy or friend requested important.

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Absolutely so tax advantage s right how it works is you're investing after-tax dollars so you've already paid and reported income on your money this year you've already paid taxes on that. Yeah now you're investing after-tax phone chat room that money grows tax free and you can access a tax-free later too, because you've already paid taxes.

On the front end, so you're free on the back end, Okay and you can place it wherever you want it without having to as long as it's in the tax advantage slot, you got it. You got it and so as you can imagine right the IRS profits the least chat live with ladies these s, they have the least amount of control in these s because once you pay your taxes, it's all free for you at that point right free roll for you at that point.

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Alright, they still have control they can taxes and what not, and that's unfortunately are lost right or lost so in tax advantage because they have less control cyat because they profit at least they're gonna put a lot of hot kingston upon hull girls chat and restrictions as to who can qualify and what you can use it for okay. So they're really three main s when it comes noline tax advantage right, the first one being a college savings plan.

Okay, It's called the. And that's specific to school. Okay, so you like if you have children, This is adult chat gobler missouri great place to be and it's specific to school. It used to be just for college, but they've dropped that um so andra can be use. Also for you know um elementary school along with it's private right so you can use that, however, it's only for school so they don't use chatzy sext for school.

So it's really effective really okay. Next would be the Roth IRA Okay so rule or option one in tax advantage of the option two right here is the Roth IRA, which is an individual retirement.

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Uh Hmm Okay, But it's the Roth, which means it's tax-advantaged. So you know all retirement s whether they're tax-advantaged or tax-deferred okay all retirement s K b traditional Ira. What yeah isn't the slap chat interesting so take advantage of it while you can cuz the goal is to make more money as you. That's the that's the limit. Yeah, if you're under andris fifty if you're over age fifty you have a catch up.

That's it. Okay, I know right, How does that make you feel? I don't like that? It's not cool at all, but that's why I help people get into this tax advantage strategies as much as possible. Yeah are your cap. On these s, um they rather put your money elsewhere right where there are no cats because the more money they move onlnie more money they make. However, for me, it's all about education tax advantages tax strategies and just like getting ahead keeping more of your money.

It's not about just how much you make that gree. It's how much you keep that really matters most right so that's that that's that's a crazy. Last one. We got 1 free singles chat phone in canada people don't know about this people don't know about this. And this is option three and that cash value inside of life insurance.

That's another option. Okay, I mean we all have money in the bank cuz we have to right. Yeah we have to we have money in the life insurance. I remember when you told me about this, I kinda blew my mind but go on. I want to know more about it.

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So some people don't know right. I don't wanna talk about that benefit. I don't want to talk about like the end, but what if I told you there are so many tax advantages and you could build wealth under the ssx of life insurance and trans mission chat room it's tax free to me.

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I mean right and here's the thing I had to do a ton of research cuz I wanted to be sure I wanted to sex chat with black girls from kapolei sure not. My family, but when I got involved with the company, I wanted to be extra sure for the families that I'm gonna you know help with these types of s.

If I'm setting this up, I wanna be absolutely sure that it's it's solid. Did you know? Are you ready for this? Did you know that Bank's own life insurance by the billions and it's the core measure of a bank strength. It's how much life insurance it owns really. Major Corporation holds is in how much life insurance it owns and so what they do is they get it on the top executives right build this cash value and then when that person crocs all that death benefit. I feel like a lot of families should be run that way.

Thank you you should. I'm like, okay you need life insurance If you do you do you do you do all of you do but all protect ourselves. Why not why not so this is actually how it. Okay, you can use it for that right you can pick whatever you want. Yeah, you can find free chat room australia with that too for your children. When you're alive, phong chat viet nam and that's what's so cool, but you know, it's not for everyone because people need to qualify.

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