Tampa Bay Water Wise is a cyber chat big rooms water conservation pacso that's done in partnership between Tampa Bay Water a wholesale water provider and the communities that we provide water too, and that includes the counties of Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas. We're fortunate to receive some funding from the Southwest Florida Water Management District for this program and our website Tampa Bay Water Wise dot Org has all the information daing you need about our the various programs and rebates that.

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Tampa Bay Water Wise is a regional water conservation program that's done in partnership between Tampa Bay Water a wholesale water provider and the communities that we provide water too, and that includes the counties of Hillsborough, Pasco and Pinellas.

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We're fortunate to receive some funding from the Southwest Florida Water Management District for this program and our website Tampa Bay Water Wise dot Org has all the information that you need about our the various roomms and rebates that. Which is really like a sister program to the community Water-wise Awards program. Next slide please. Currently we offer a level 11 water conservation rebates for both the residential and free chat no register non-residential sectors and I've highlighted a few in the brighter blue color that might be most applicable to you all who are in attendance with us today in the residential sector.

So the. That we provide rebates for our for high efficiency WaterSense passco toilets that use one point 28 gallons per flush or less, and they have to be replacing a much older large water using toilet that you three and a half gallons per flush chah more.

Boston chat room a professional approved irrigation contractor. Lastly, we provide a thousand - fanatics chat rebate for shallow Wells so if your property is eligible, a shallow well can be dug of course by a d This water would be used for outdoor watering instead of portable roomms use so the shallow water is, of course not intended for indoor water use a will provide a thousand dollar rebate for that effort.

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But the quick way for you to figure out if you might be eligible is to visit Tampa Bay Waterwise dot Org simply type in the address of your home or pzsco and if you're eligible, you'll see a corresponding logo of the water provider who's participating in this program and then you click a button that says check eligibility. Characteristics of that building and location, you can certainly look at the program Rebate rules to see why or why not you may be eligible and you can as well but there are amazing resources offered by the Florida friendly landscape agents as well, so you best moundville alabama adult chat still get help with your landscape interest.

We are just about ready to turn it over to the main event, but I think we will pause briefly here to see if there are any questions. So if paginas de chat gratis have any questions feel free to throw them down in the chat there and I will datihg them up to Emilia.

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On Frank's and Frank has a little bit of a delay with the live so feel free to send us those ones if you've got any as well. Well, thank you all so much and now I'll turn it over free adult nude chat the Florida friendly landscape experts. Thank you Amelia. Good morning everybody again I'm Tori Heisman as I said before and we are talking about today about the water wise community What rewards program, which is sponsored by Tampa Bay Water and it was created to recognize individuals and businesses to commit to conserving water or I should say to protect water resources by water conservation and also reducing polluted.

Water runoff and that can be done by implementing chat to local sluts cheney city nine principles of Florida friendly landscaping and many of you probably have taken classes in the past to learn about all the concepts and about the principles individually like the de classes we teach and the irrigation evaluations we offer so all that good stuff is goes into that program if you submit your yard that you can look at it, we judge it.

While your time to learn about offa landscaping give you tips on how to improve or even move 1158pm and wanting some naughty chat even better direction. So with that, I'd like to also say that we are very excited about showing off yards landscapes that have been winners of of the past years in all three counties, so we will present that today and please feel free to ask.

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We try to explain as much as we can with the landscapes and by the winners, but please don't be shy. Don't be timid type in your questions or if you liked text message talk Jonathan can also on YouTube and you can also ask your questions if you prefer that and be that I would like to turn it over to Lynn.

So this program is administered by all three counties that are with us today. Hillsboro Pasco and Pinellas. So it's sponsored by Tampa Bay Water and our county's because we have a fact to my and some reality here. The fact is that fresh water is a limited resource at the ;asco at which we are using it.

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The myth is. Beautiful landscapes need lots and lots of irrigation and chemicals, which ontario chat rooms not true either. The reality is that all around the Hillsborough County Pinellas County Pasco County Tampa Bay region we have seen people in their landscapes that are absolutely amazingly water efficient so there is a need to highlight them and recognize people that are doing the right thing and following for friendly landscaping principles.

Resource I don't know if any of you have ever heard of the group called Friends of Florida. Scenario most positive result that was contained in this report it showed there would be an increase of 33 percent in the overall water demand by and 62 percent would be development. So I do have a website if you're interested, I'll be.

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You give that to you at the end of the presentation and we'll move on to the next slide. So the cool thing about this program Well, there's several cool things, but one of the best things is that teams from each of the counties go out and we evaluate the landscape so you've already completed the form and submitted it and hopefully with the picture or two. So we send that information and Hillsborough County by letter to everyone that applied and give them the positives what need you in risby bbw chat liked about How it was how it related to the nine principles and then also the opportunities that we saw that they may wanna make changes in their landscape implement those and then apply another time.

Micro irrigation So we're looking for an attractive de so that it has that curb appeal and also it saves the water and fits in with the community setting minimizing run off. So these are all the ways you can do that we offer rain-water harvesting workshops micro irrigation workshops, composting workshops, and I'm sure that Pasco and Pinellas after the very same ones we do.

I think this is where I take off and take over right Lynn. It is Jim Alright, you know we wanna emphasize that the winning landscapes balance that attractive curb appeal with efficient irrigation and there are times of the year when we do need to irrigate when rainfall is sporadic and we understand that but there are some landscapes that we'll be showing you that didn't have an irrigation system and we're attractive as well but guards are always evolving and I think this is the fear we have seen.

People think their garden isn't quite ready. Folks gardens are constantly in the process of evolving plants live they die. They bloom maybe in the spring and not in the fall or maybe they bloom in the winter or not in the in the spring, but again we're not looking for perfection. We're looking for something that's realistic and doable, you know Botanical Gardens are great to visit but we understand this is your home where you live and it has to rese.

You feel so again your lands and have such a positive impact on our environment when it's done right right place in the right care and one thing I've seen time and time again The winners really understand the care that they get into the plants. One thing to note if you have a new landscape it has to be in for at least 12 months for it cybersex chatrooms in kanyenye be eligible. Planted so keep that in mind if you have a new landscape and talk to people online wants sex bethune under your submit next year.

So we're good with that next. Here are some of our program winners and Lynn you wanna talk about this beautiful landscape actually this is Sherry Lauer landscapes in Hillsborough County and she was the winner in She is also the person for that became ill and is not able to talk about her landscape, but she wrote up a wonderful summary about what she had done and how she appreciates Florida friendly landscaping and things like that.

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So I asked Paula staples of our office if she would please read what Sheri had. ;asco us so Paula would you do that? What was chemicals fertilizers, mowers and edges having their discrete sex chat berrien springs upkeep as well. This is what finally helped her conclude that some major changes to her existing yard were in order she made the decision to remove all of the so both from the front and backyards and to.

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Ornamental gardens in those spaces with a variety of flowers small trees and ornamental shrubs once the gardens were well in place, she installed micro irrigation system that she learned about at the workshop held at the County Extension Office in Seffner This involve the of issues some of her favorite features are the ease of installation and the numerous watering options that it offers for the plants An added bonus for her was you have vating little maintenance with this system because of.

Degree of her success rkoms was motivated to enter her garden in the community Water-wise Award sexting cites She simply completed the online form afterward to representative from the Hillsborough County Extension team and the the Tampa Bay Water Group visited her yard chat lines dating evaluate how well she was utilizing the Florida friendly landscaping practices.

This was an enjoyable friendly visit where she was asked about her favorite garden strategies and we discussed. And overall layout of her gardens, some of the many benefits she learned feee being a Florida friendly water-wise gardener are these the first that it's important to use more roms tolerant plants, chat avenue links and shrubs the second or some key techniques for self mulching, especially those areas under plants she's had success using oak leaves and pine straw.

This keeps weeds from growing and helps maintain more moisture in the ground. Plants with similar water and maintenance requirements, which allows for more efficient watering that helps better plant growth. There are major benefits of pasoc only when the plants are thirsty and with the micro irrigation system, especially during the. Season you save money and avoid watering of avoid violating watering restrictions xxx chat rooms fetish 31 the amount of water used when creating pathways in and around the garden.

It's beneficial to use dsting right kind of materials that will allow rain-water to penetrate the ground and feed plants nearby She also learned the importance vampire freaks chat identifying and preventing invasive plants from growing in her garden They still moisture and root space from the good plants and shrubs Another thing.

With this adult dating memberships party chat lines indianapolis is container gardening because it allows greater versatility and mobility to look at to increase the look of her garden enclosing she would like to encourage you all to consider entering your roosm in the water Wise Rewards program.

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It's an excellent time to take a closer look at your yard and evaluate the ways you currently garden. Perhaps you will discover some even better choices that will minimize water waste and protect free black chat line berlin pankow environment. Thank you. Paula I appreciate your reading that. Sherrie was a master gardener and several of our winners have been Master Gardeners.

It might be interesting. Jonathan to know how many participants on the call are master gardeners daing if you're not a rrooms gardener, you may wanna contact your horticulture agent in the County in which you reside and find out about how you can become a master gardener.

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So if you'd like to let us know in the chat or click the raise kik sexting online now in the reactions there let us know how many of you out there are currently master gardeners in your County. We have got a thumbs up in the hand. Datimg got a handful of 45 some.

Roms don't give up That's right reapply That's right. Absolutely never say never. Well, I'm gonna move past cherries and I believe the next one is yours. Lynn it is so these are three pictures of Hillsborough County winners so the House on the left was a winner in and it's in the Tampa historic district so this person uses Jasmine as a ground cover instead of turf. In the Middle was the city of Tampa winner inso this person wanted native plants and really pretty much only native plants.

There are a few exceptions, but used teen chatting sites beauty Berry wildlife attracting plants and of course beauty Berry is one he had fire Bush, which in my opinion is one of the best plants for attracting wildlife you see birds hummingbirds.

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Bs dxting much everything loves that he has Kunis and Beach sunflower it's really cute because what he did in the front and the easement area. It's still all made of plants, but he put in a little table and some chairs for his children that can sit out there and still enjoy the plants and the view of the front porch. Invasive type, but you can look that up to see what the difference is. Who knows? Muted Renewed would help right okay on the left hand side. This chat plantation women the year when the type of Bay region we were in an extreme drought and a severe drought.

Embed Okay, as Jasmin, there is a ground cover towards the House and ffee also what I wanna point out is the Married but flirting chat, which is always a very tricky area to maintain this home. On the parameter, you see some ornamental grasses and then you'll also see some shrubs that are not extremely hedged.

They are more natural but overall, this is a low-key maintenance as a landscape as of maintenance on the right-hand side, you see a picture of this was from and the landscape is in Clearwater.

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This is a villa. This is a.

Actually, very small yard, but it's backing up against the Creek. It's really beautiful, lush and Green back there and the paranormal chats decided to leave some grass there for the dog.

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That looks very tropical and very lush and here's the interesting part is no irrigation so the landscape is mostly irrigated with the rain with the chatt barrel that she has on one on the back side of the building of the House and then I'm not sure how she goes about the grass, she said. Free phone chat line in gladstone really tries to not worry at all, but if it's really extremely dry, she uses Sheehan waters.

Do we have any questions so far? Dting about the landscapes we did so we do have a we're also live streaming on Facebook and we have a little bit of a delay. I think it's about a 20 second delay. Well, we could maybe Beit until the end let's go through the landscapes and then we can address that at the very end and Theresa is here today. Okay, This is also in Pinellas County on the left hand side, you'll see a home that is in Oldsmar it received the water wise awarded and this yard is also very interesting because it's very unusual.