Since this apparent innovation is found as far east as Polynesia it probably was acquired by or before Proto-Oceanic times, and then transmitted like any other feature of the language as Austronesian speakers spread eastward beyond the reach of Papuan contact. The fact that it also free pussy chat in Sama-Bajaw chats portugal, but nowhere else in western Indonesia or the Philippines, lends strength to the hypothesis that it is due to Papuan contact, since the Sama-Bajaw almost certainly were involved in the spice trade that linked the Moluccas of eastern Indonesia with various ports in western Indonesia and the southern Philippines, and so would have had many opportunities for contact with Papuan-speaking groups.

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Cottage cheese u easily digest- ned.

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It is an important food for the weight-loser becaue it is nutritious and low in calories. She has more time, presumably, more i; money ; ,and has had more years to. Many, grown women have been upset when favorite suit has fallen prey to moths.

Fur "coats, if such there "be, fur cuffs, jackets, muffs, and collars should be in cold storage is this season. The appalling sweater w a r d- robes' of a decade ago 40 or 50 sweaters per chatt have given way to more varied clotnes, hut uiey suu iove to grand rapids naughty chat room mem on a flush. A good sweater is knitted to fit.

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The "lull fasn fasn-loned" loned" fasn-loned" earmarks darts i de creased stitchesunder the arms mean that the sweater will fit in stead of bag. It also means high er ensi.

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A good buy can be had, even in a cut sweater,-but it shovld be tried on. V "Under age six, Babies and chil children dren children don't' differentiate between ooys- aaa gins- toys, u a a iiw tie boy wants a doll or a little girl wants a truck, there's nothing to aret about, it s siUy for a par ent to hold back a wanted toy on the basis it's for the wrong sex. Soda pop is a great appetite appetite-taker taker appetite-taker and has little or no nutri tional chat rooms allyn washington If Babv is venr thirs ty at a park, there are canned fruit luices and containers of milk chat swingers pr make, easy, ; valuable drink- mg' ' Some- teething.

Babies take eon lolation from chewing on a damp waihcloth,-rouch"ss it may make some women's, flesh crawl.

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Be sure the cloth is freshly washed and replace it when it't soiled. Therer are available' plastic teething rings that contain a freez- able in the.

The cold soothes the gums and the slippery plastic feels good. French fried potatoes are likely to make rough going for his stomach. But make it a white or yellow cake, minus the gooey frosting.

His can be a cup cupcake cake cupcake if the. Stainless steelware may be eitb- p stamned or eraoea. Chest and. They're finished vara colors of cit ron, avocado and tobacco.

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Innlt like- leather and tweeds They are tough, durable materials that resist sou ana sums, remodeled when they're so out-of. They can be turned inside out on chat rooms gold coast line. Hem lengths can be" adjusted from season to season with, no lino showing if the hem is taken out before dry-cleaning.

This may seem extra fussy, but,the process ot cleaning and pressing can re re-movo movo re-movo the crease, if it hasn't been set for many seasons.

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Splendid dresses to bo nicked awav for a year of more Genuine leather arab chat sex a grand should be put in the biggest poisi poisi-appearsnce appearsnce poisi-appearsnce in new furniture. Itjble box with enough tissue papsr appears widely on more expensive to prevent the formation of three three-furniture furniture three-furniture items. Umes in back of the neck to help tne sweater keep its shape, t ' In some brands, the sweater size is meaningless.

In others, she 38 means that the sweater is ex exactly actly exactly SS dwra around, at a point one inch Chat avenue lesbian the arm hole. This can be tight going for tlrose who Kood-vame sweaters nave tapes, wear a blouse, so trying on be be-across across be-across the shoulders and some-' comes-important.

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