Also, the date indexes for a date range should only index the first dqte of the relevant date fields. So mark the First occurrence only option in the properties of the relevant indexes.

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Also, the date indexes for a date range should only index the first occurrence of the relevant date fields. So mark the First occurrence only option in the properties of the relevant indexes. Reindex the adjusted indexes to apply the changes. Tags to index There will usually be a one-to-one relationship between an index and a field, in which case one specified tag is all you need here. Enter the tag dae the Adlib field from which this index derives its values in the white entry field not in the list chat with hot horny moms sex it.

The tag may be a maximum of two characters long.

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You may also index a field linked on forward reference. In that case, the key chatting girl mobile number field in the primary database cannot be indexed, because the data for the key field is not saved in this database, only retrieved temporarily. Instead, you can define an index of the integer type for the forward reference field. In screens you always associate an entry field with the linked field name or tag, never the forward reference tag.

Indexing merged-in fields might be problematic, since the value of a merged-in field is only present in a record dxte that record is being edited: it is retrieved from a linked record and displayed with a linked field in the live sex chat united states, main record, but not stored in this record. Indexes are updated each dare a record is saved, which means that an index on a merged-in field may be built up correctly frfe long as it chat in chicago being updated after a main record has been edited and saved, but not whenever the linked record is edited and saved because then the main record with the linked field and merged-in field won't be opened and saved by Adlib : in this case, the index on the merged-in field will keep the old value until the main record is opened and saved again in some way.

If the index on the merged-in field is ever reindexed from within Deer, it will even result in a completely empty index, since the main records have never stored any merged-in values. So it's best not to create an index on a merged-in field. However, there are ways to create an access point for a merged-in field: see the Search key property of methods for more information.

Further, there is a possibility to search on a combination of fields, e. You then Add the tags of the database fields to be indexed together, to the grey list below the white entry field.

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Just as with the other indexes, you have to specify the main the first index tag as the Search field online horny single chat the appropriate method access point that you specify in the application setup. For example, suppose you want to allow users of your public access catalogue to search a of fields with one search command, fields such as title, series, annotation and abstract.

To make such a "free text" access point, you would define an index tag vt for instance, of the free text type with the Tags to index: ti, re, an and sa. gay sexy chat

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The dtae in this example chat no be named differently in your application. If you need a term index on a long text field uae chat Titlefor instance because you'd like to have a linked Title field somewhere or because you wish to create an access point on a merged-in Chat avune field see the Search key property of methods for the other half of this storythen proceed in the same way: create a new tag and a term textinv for it, and in this index include the tag of the Title field as the second tag to index.

This won't effect any existing free text index on the Title field. Note that you should only combine fields of the same type e. Texring text fields in one index. And a combination of forward reference tags is only allowed if the linked-to fields are located in the same database. This reduces the risk of using the index tag for sex chat siegen other purpose too.

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Reindex button To make dirty roulette easier to index or reindex an index after you created a new index or after changing an existing index definition, a Reindex button is present next to the Tags to index list. Domain name tag Here you enter the tag in which the domain names belonging to each term or name to be indexed can be found in this database often this is do.

This applies only to indexes that will contain terms belonging to different domains, so indexes dqte certain fields in validation databases only like term in texitng thesaurus. The appropriate domain is then added to each field value in the index and makes validating and searching on domains possible.

If searching or validating on domains will not be necessary, you needn't fill in any Domain name tag. First occurrence only Here, you indicate whether only the first occurrence must be indexed mark this checkboxor all occurrences leave this checkbox unmarked. Unique keys only When entering a record, on leaving a field which is indexed or when saving the record this option checks whether the entered value already exists in another record by checking chat with strangers index.

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If it wite, you will see the message: This term already exists, only unique terms permitted. Mark widower chat checkbox to set unique indexing. Leave this checkbox unmarked, if keys in this index needn't be unique. After changing this option, either from non-unique to unique or vice versa, you must reindex this index because uniqueness is must be a property of the index table in the SQL database too.

If the indexed field is multilingual, an entered value free chat mobile phone be unique in the current data language; a term can appear more than once in this type of index only if the term has been entered in different data languages. For example, in a multilingual field, the term "Adlib" can be registered in textlng data language available in the application, and still be indexed with the Unique keys only option set.

In the old Adlib CBF database format, there was no noticeable limit to the lenght of indexed values, but in SQL databases my free web chat the first characters bytes actually of the value entered in a field can be indexed. With the Unique keys only option set, this means that values longer than that, which share an identical first characters, will be considered identical generating an error double key even though the th or further characters may differ.

The solution is to either enter values which differ in the first characters or to switch Unique keys only off for the relevant index.

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If a unique index is not necessary but you do want to check whether the index value already occurs in the record you are working on in the case of a repeated fieldyou nude female chat specify the screen field property Repeatable for this field as Repeated Unique, in the Screen editor. size in bytes The of keys per is determined by the size and the Key size.

The index size in bytes is fixed per index. In most cases, the default value will be best. For very short keys, a small size may reduce the of disk accesses for a search, resulting in faster retrieval. For very long keys, a larger size may do better on your system. However, a fixed ready chat cannot be given.

The length of a text term index key is a minimum of 1 and a maximum of characters bytes. You can set this value the same as textin Maximum length datd for the field sjte this index, but for textlng within a domain you must specify a larger Key size because in the index not only the key is stored, but in front of it also the domain to which the key belongs separated by two colons. On the other hand you can also specify the Key Size dte be shorter than the Maximum daet of the field, if you would want to index only a first part of the text in this field.

Deer will allocate the correct length for the integer, date, free text and logical index types automatically. Note that indexes in Adlib SQL databases cannot have a key length greater than characters. The record will be saved anyway, but the relevant term index won't be updated. This key length limitation does not apply to CBF databases.

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Phonetic index type From Adlib 6. Phonetic searching means that words can be found which sound the same as the word you are searching for, even when your search key is spelled the wrong way. The Double Metaphone search algorithm is a phonetic algorithm, developed by Lawrence Philips. With a phonetic algorithm, words are indexed phone chat sex saskatoon according to their pronunciation, so that of an incorrectly spelled search key the correct variant can still be found as long sitw the pronunciation is the same.

Equally sounding words share the same phonetic code in the index. Phonetic algorithms are therefore used in many hexting checkers. Double Metaphone is suited for most words and names in the English language: encoding of terms to be indexed follows 12 all chat pronunciation rules. The use of this search algorithm in other languages may yield unexpected search.

To prepare the current index for phonetic searching, first set the index Key type property on the current properties tab to Double meta phone. Since in principle different types are possible, you have to specify this type in the Phonetic index type drop-down list - the default setting of this option is None.

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Currently however, this list only contains the Double meta phone dte, but in the future more phonetic types could be added. Now, set it to Double meta phone too. Subsequently you must reindex this index and save the changes in the database. Only term indexes on non-linked fields are suitable for teen chat sign up the index on the Term field in the Thesaurus.

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If you are sure about the spelling, you can leave phonetic searching off. A phonetically encoded index for an SQL or Oracle database on the other hand, contains a column for the normally indexed terms and a column for the phonetically encoded indexed terms. So here, the lesbian chat phone number does have the possibility to switch phonetic searching on or off.

Metadata type From 6.

To be precise: the metadata will be stored per edited field occurrence per data language, as attributes of the field node sihe the XML. To activate this functionality, set the Store modification history option per database. The difference with modification details logged on the Management details tab of a record opened in an Adlib application, is that those on the Management details tab pertain to the record as a whole, while the current option enables the registration of such details per field.

You can use this functionality if you want to be chat with girls in vienna tx to check all data entered or edited by some user, for example: the access point will get you the relevant records.

The Key type of the index must still be set accordingly before you can choose the metadata typeso sara jay chat user names will be stored in a Text index and dates in an ISO Date textiing. So if you want to index any of the metadata of the te tag Term field for example, then in the Tags to index you first list your new dummy tag x1 for example and secondly te.

Choose a Metadata type to select which metadata of te you wish to index and set the corresponding Key type. For a second example, define a new index of the ISO Date type. The metadata available for indexing would then be the modification date and the creation date; choose either one in the current option. Provide two tags: first a new tag of the data type and presentation format ISO date and secondly the tag of which you want to index the metadata.

This means that only when the contents of the second tag in a record has been changed, metadata will be created for it, of which the date type selected here will teenwebcam chat indexed in the frree index. As the Search key for an access point on this index, you would enter the first new tag. Metadata of changes in linked teting is saved in the link reference tag, not in the linked field itself. As mentioned, live sex chat im is possible to create an index on multiple fields, even on dozens of normal and link reference tags of different types of fields: after all, you will only be indexing a single metadatum of those fields.

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A change to field contents which is performed by an adapl, will also be registered in the metadata. An example of an application is a web application which retrieves data from a regularly updated copy of your live database, which displays only a free adult video chat on lawton oklahoma of fields to the user.

You will always want to update the database copy with just those records in which at least one of the values in the selection of fields has changed after the date of the copy. In that case you do not textting to search on the edit date of the record, because you are only interested in changes in fields that are relevant to the visitor of your website.

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Or use the webopac to retrieve the relevant records. The wwwopac.