Added footage text gredtings Matthew G [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Rachel is sitting in the living room and Phoebe is standing in the kitchen as the phone rings. Could you get that? Phoebe: Why? Just 'cause you're too lazy to get up off your touchie?

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Added footage text by Matthew Cchat [Scene: Monica and Rachel's, Rachel is sitting in the living room and Phoebe is standing in the kitchen as the phone rings. Could you get that? Phoebe: Why? Just 'cause you're too lazy to get up off your touchie? Rachel: No! It's just that all the people in the entire world that I want to talk to are right here. Phoebe: ct chat line Okay!

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Goes to answer the phone. Rachel: under her breath Sucker! Phoebe: answering the phone Hello? Listens Hey Joey! Listen, uh can you do me a favor?

I forgot the pin to my ATM card can, can you get it for me? Phoebe: Sure!

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Where is it? Phoebe: Ohh! So you're ?! Joey: That's greetins Thanks Men chats java Phoebe: to Joey Ooh, fhat you want to talk to Chandler? Chandler: To Phoebe Is that Joey?! She nods yes Let me talk to hot guybored wanna text She nods no to Chandler Because he didn't believe in my movie! Which is a big mistake because it is real!

A Casino Boss: Hey! Get back to work! Break time's over! Joey: Uhh, my stunt double. Yeah, and y'know, he's getting a little too familiar for my tastes. Chandler: To Phoebe Y'know what? I have been trying to apologize greetongs him all week! If he's not gonna let me do it on the phone, I'm gonna go down there and do it in person. Can you put him on? She hands the phone to Chandler. Chandler: To Joey Hey!

Joey: Don't come out here! I forgive ya! Don't come out here! You haven't been taking my calls in a week!

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Friends forever! A Tourist: To Joey Would you mind doing a picture with us? All right.

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Hangs up the phone and poses for that picture. I'm sorry I'm late! Starts looking around for her Monica? Goes into Monica's bedroom. Monica: entering Phoebe? Phoebe comes back into the living room Oh, Phoebe, I'm so sorry.

Have you been here long? Phoebe: saddened It's okay. What the hell took you so long? Monica: Okay, you can not tell Chandler. That I ran into Richard. Phoebe: Which Richard? Phoebe: Richard Simmons?! Oh my God! Monica: Parents chat rooms

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My ex-boyfriend Richard! Y'know the tall guy, moustache? Phoebe: Oh! Okay, that actually makes more sense. So how was it?

Monica: It was, it was really nice. We started talking and I-I ended up having lunch with him. Phoebe: That is so weird! I had a dream that you'd have lunch with Richard. Monica: Really? Phoebe: But again, Simmons. Go on. Monica: The strange part was, he was really nice, umm and he looks great, but I didn't feel anything at all! Phoebe: Get paid to talk dirty online So now why can't we tell Chandler?

Monica: Because it would totally freak him out and tomorrow's our anniversary. I just don't want anything to spoil that. Phoebe: Wanja, I can't believe you guys lasted a greetingz year! Monica: I know.

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Phoebe: Wow! I owe Rachel 20 bucks! Monica: What? Phoebe: On a totally different bet. Chandler: entering Hey! Monica: It's almost our anniversary! Chandler: I know.

Can you believe it? One year ago today I was just your annoying friend Chandler. Phoebe: Awww! Now you're just my annoying friend Chandler. Chandler: Huh.

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Monica: I got you a present! Chandler: Oh, but it's not 'til tomorrow! Monica: I know, but you have to open it today! Hands it too him. Chandler: Okay. He starts taking his escort live chat opening it. Finally Monica snaps. Monica: grabbing the gift from him and opening it Okay! There you go! It's two tickets to Vegas! Chandler: Wow!