Web stock forums: Keep that scoop to yourself Looking for some good dope on small and micro-cap stocks? Some of the Web's most popular Internet stock forums say you can't have it.

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Pappas, associate director of advertising regulation at the National Association of Securities Dealers' regulatory unit. Henry Carter, vice president of compliance for ETrade, says independent moderators separate from the brokerage business will monitor the chat rooms and message boards, which he says are being added to provide investors another tool to "take the pulse of the market.

The new Web site feature, scheduled to complete its rollout in June, will be confined to larger stocks, Carter says. Chat puebla gratis rooms and any message boards created for the forum will welcome comments about New York Stock Exchange or American Stock Exchange listed stocks, as well as national issues chah the Nasdaq Stock Market.

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But Nasdaq SmallCap Market issues and over-the-counter bulletin board stocks won't be included. Regulators at the Securities and Exchange Commission have increased their monitoring of these stocks recently, asking for more thorough scrutiny of their trading.

Investor chat rooms

Partly because of that scrutiny, other Web players restrict or strongly discourage discussion of obscure smaller stocks. Motley Fool, which operates investing bulletin boards on 3, subjects, won't open a folder on companies that chat with teenagers online listed on the Nasdaq or the Nasdaq SmallCap Market or a major U.

Investor chat rooms

In addition, Motley Fool last year hired 25 full-time invesotr to patrol chat rooms and to discourage hyping and touting smaller stocks. Repeat offenders can be restricted from the message boards, Forrest said. But spontaneous live chat rooms are tougher to patrol, Forrest said. El chat estados unidos moderator can't easily stop someone from mentioning a stock or a rumor.

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Beyond that, he says, moderators might not be familiar with a specific stock. In January, Motley Fool, through its partnership with America Imvestor, started using technology to gag certain comments made in chat rooms, but it has been used only a few times.

Investor chat rooms

chat and flirt sites Now these chat rooms have developed as a viable method to consult with other investors wanting feedback on stocks or trading programs. These sessions are oriented towards educating investors about using Japanese Candlesticks in real life analysis. The Stock Chat session is also an excellent method for Candlestick Investors to communicate with each other, asking questions and expressing concerns about their learning process.

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The Staff of the Candlestick Trading Forum wants to provide the best avenues for everybody to quickly learn the Candlestick Trading psychology. The Monday night members only Stock Chat is more oriented toward what the market index charts are revealing for the coming week. Having the opportunity to see what a good chart looks like and why haircut chat room is a cbat trade pattern creates a rooks lesson for recognizing the profitable patterns.

A full explanation of why a chart has profitable characteristics provides a visual library for future opportunities.

Investor chat rooms