Diary So London called Not nervous. And so, without feeling negative about things, when the call came in I guess I felt a bit nothing really. No Pressure.

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Diary So London called Not nervous.

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And so, without feeling negative about things, when the call came in I guess I felt a bit nothing really. No Pressure.

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That meant that the bread had to be as close to fresh as possible at am on Sunday morning, and they were sending a car to pick me up at am. But Hot sluts looking to chat was already booked for a private bread making course in somebodies home on the Saturday, leaving at 1pm and likely getting home at around 8pm.

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Not ideal. I had a small window on Saturday morning to make the dough and a small oven to bake one or two before leaving the house for the day. I made all four of my doughs that morning. If one of the bre was to be fully baked it would be the sandwich loaf as the size and shape american candy store napa it would allow it to hold the moisture the best of them all for the longest, so in theory the fully baked loaves would still be relatively fresh the following day.

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I baked them fully on the Saturday morning. Two down, two to go. The other two doughs I stashed in the fridge to chill and tick over nice and slowly for later while I was out for the day. Now, if I returned home from my private caht at 8pm and removed the dough from the random chat indonesia it would have taken a good 90 minutes to come back to room temperature before I could shape, prove and bake them.

Again, not ideal. I did some maths and my wife and I had a chat.

The following morning, I woke with nothing to do but to get ready and double check my packing list. The car arrived at am to pick me up, I loaded my things and spent the next 45 minutes chatting sexting numbers exchange the driver and getting increasingly nervous.

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The show was i I had an hour and a half in the prep kitchen to finish everything off, cut tasters and dress the display before wheeling it to the studio and putting everything in place super fast during the ad break.

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Then 3, 2, 1, GO! I was so nervous but it could not have been better.

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Everybody I came into contact with on the day was so lovely. There is a ton of work involved in creating a show like Jacm Brunch both on and off set, so many people involved, and as corny as it sounds they are like a big family.

Even if somebody spent 40 seconds attaching my microphone to my jacket they would introduce themselves, ask me how I was and how I was feeling about going on. They really looked after me and the feature was a great success. A whole day in chay for 8 minutes on TV and it chat chilenos great.

Thank you so much! The reality is that the whole day I spent in preparation is nothing compared to time spent working hard since gay teen chat line day Bake with Jack was created.

So really, that one day becomes 6 years in preparation. So then, perhaps we are 16 years in. In fact.

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Without the slight disinterest I had in academic studies then perhaps I would have never put on those chef whites in the first place. I said I was playing the long game in a post last year.

I said that I used to get laughed at when I dreamed of being on TV, and here we are, 32 years in and I made it to the slightly-bigger-than-your-telephone screen. If you missed the show, I think it has disappeared now from All4 but at the time of writing this you can still catch up on my second appearance jafk a few of the crossdressers free chat from the new Summertime and BBQ bread course.

Thank you all so much for watching and for your support before, during and after. I spent the next whole week after the show answering all of your comments, s, tweets and messages on Instagram and Facebook and I hope I got them all!

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