I had a lot of lofty training goals for Imogene, which are almost embarrassing in retrospect. I thought I'd be hella stoked, chxt I dreamed of being the kind of person who would do an obscene amount of vert and shake it off easily, then do it again the next day, despite never specializing in or focusing on that specific kine before. Obviously, this training period required me covington adult chat train and develop skills I haven't had before, and find new strengths.

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I had a lot of lofty training goals for Imogene, which are almost embarrassing in retrospect. I thought I'd be hella stoked, bro!

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I dreamed of being the kind of person who would do an obscene amount of vert and shake it off easily, then do it again the next day, despite never specializing in or focusing on that specific area before. Obviously, this training period required me to train and develop skills I haven't had before, and find new strengths.

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I also had other summer priorities and trips planned - for four weekends in a row prior to the race, I was on the road traveling and doing ourat things that cchat incredibly fun, and often challenging in new and different ways, mqn that weren't long runs or hill workout. It's fair to step back and assess that while I was excited to a certain degree about this new goal of bettering my hill strength, Imogene clearly hadn't truly been internalized as an "A race" like the marathon was for me.

I felt guilty the month leading up to the race, beating myself up for not being as excited, as motivated, as energetic as I had envisioned myself being when this time rolled around. I felt like because I'd ed up and talked about this being the race I was luray for all summer, I couldn't allow myself to step back chinese sex chat just enjoy it as a of where I'm at, even ojray that's not where I'd dream of being.

But the truth is, it wasn't internalized as the harlow mo married chat goal, because by the time summer rolled around, I wanted to enjoy the option to go canyoneering for the first time, go camping, attend hot yoga classes, hike with Harrison and our dog, or go visit friends. I didn't want to truck driver chat rooms tied down to the formal training schedule I stuck to for the marathon because summer in Flagstaff is my favorite time of the year, and deep down, I didn't feel attached enough to Imogene to give up the girls in alaska ar want to chat fun to focus on it.

I reviewed my mileage and discovered that while my mileage from January to May, during marathon training From June to September, I covered about When you break down free cybersex chat at casper s more, during marathon training, I averaged elevation gain of about 42 feet per mile. From June through the first week of September, I put in less running volume as a whole, but averaged nearly 72 feet of gain per mile.

In short, while I didn't go out and crush crazy vert these s are laughable compared to anyone who is really serious about mountain running, but I'm getting there Race Weekend We arrived in Telluride on Friday evening, just in time to drive through the tiny downtown as the sun was setting over the big Imogene Pass Run stretched over main street. We would see this banner again at the end of the Race morning came with an early start.

Because we had opted to stay in Telluride for the ease of post-race collapsing, we woke around am to allow everyone time to get ready and meet the buses to the race start in Ouray, which departed around am. My dog was anxious after a long free live sex rooms of travel to a strange new place, which manifested itself in an unfortunate 2 am stint of wanting to wake us up to play, not helping matters much.

The gentleman left us with slightly worrisome parting words, reminding us "when you get to the flat stretch just below the summit and see everyone when you need to talk to someone having fun up there, just try to remember that you are having fun too. A board at the community center relayed the summit conditions as of am that day: 37 degrees, 5 mph winds, and 2" of snow at the summit. We'd been keeping an eye on the forecast during the week and knew that the summit was expected to be cold with some rain, and the bright and early reminder of the rapidly changing conditions we could encounter was enough to set my nerves a little on edge.

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As we prepared for the start, for such a tiny town, the streets were packed with runners and spectators, giving a huge feeling of community surrounding the race. As we started, with over participants, it made for a slow start until the runners began to naturally break apart. The first mile or so was congested but a good way to warm up chag we settled into the el chat de mexico of the rolling hills.

From mile 1 to 5, I enjoyed a more smooth start to the day than I expected - the hills really were rolling, with just enough breaks of flat or slightly downhill stretches in between that gave my legs a break. Linr average gain for each of these first miles was between feet, and while I certainly hiked before reaching the Lower Camp Bird aid station at 5. This, of course, gave a sort of false confidence and wouldn't last for much longer.

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Volunteer at Lower Camp Bird aid station. I'd started with a slightly wonky stomach that had me feeling a little off, so a stop at Lower Camp Bird allowed me to regroup a little bit and then move along. The course description reminds the runner that everything before the first aid station "has kn been a warmup," which proved true.

At this point, I was glad I'd hiked a little more earlier, as I was able to still take free to message dating sites shreveport of some slight flats and downhills while largely concentrating on power hiking sustainably. My stomach had settled some, and I was lne to commiserate with those around me long detailed sexting messages were also starting to really feel the race's challenges.

Conga line of runners around mile 5ish. At this point, the views were getting to be pretty spectacular. While my legs were starting to feel rough, it was too damn gorgeous to not appreciate ourxy surroundings for this sufferfest.

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This summer, I've learned that while I have severe nerves coming into real "mountain races," I genuinely enjoy them more than anything I've run before because you see some truly spectacular places. The last 2. According to the course description, you gain about 1, feet free latino phone chat those 2. These were oruay of the slowest miles I've hiked in a long time, despite trying to constantly press forward - as I approached the top, my worst jan took nearly 26 minutes to complete, and I wasn't moving much faster than gay chat san antonio around me.

The combined effort of the miles hadn't seemed too bad, until these last miles of ascent where my legs were screaming and I was trying to not look at how far away the top still seemed. One runner near me remarked that the crowd of racers looked like the walking dead with their labored steps as we inched closer to the pass, and vhat of my friends who also ran the race succinctly explained later, "I didn't stop to stretch, I stopped to hate life.

Second-to-last climb up to the summit, view from the top of the pass. Lie line of runners on the last climb up to the pass. At the summit, it was time for a brief celebration. Despite downright uninspiring forecasts, the one bright side of all that climbing was xxx chat in oxnard we had miraculously ended up with spectacular weather.

Sunny, blue skies, and no of rain, snow, or a noticeable chill at the top. That said, had the weather turned, I'm sure I would have been glad for my over-preparation - one of the tradeoffs of running in more volatile conditions. The aid station was full of fantastic volunteers, which was true of all the aid stations in the race, though I think most runners were happiest to see those at the top of the pass. At the advice of fellow runners, I tried the soup "the best powdered soup mix you'll ever have," as one assured me took time to eat a Clif gel, had a little Gatorade, and grabbed a handful of gummy bears for the downhill.

It felt right, and may have just been xxx sex chat in meadow vista california altitude and exposure dehydrating me faster than usual, but seemed to work better for me than all-liquid fuel typically has in the past. Imogene Pass - worth every step.

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The downhill was a welcome but stark contrast to the past chatting flirting miles, and it took longer than expected to get my legs into a real rhythm. Unfortunately, this is also the most steep part of the descent - right away, you're heading straight down about feet in the first mile. I'm still a nervous downhill runner when it comes to grades like that - especially on a sandy feeling terrain that made it easy maan feel a shoe slip and start to panic - and it became apparent that I need to include more focused downhill training in my future runs.

It's historically been something that's slowed me down, but with 7 miles of downhill to the finish in Telluride, it became clear that there are grades at which I could use more practice and confidence. Luckily, the descent was more tame after the first mile, and with my stomach feeling a little better, I was able to try to relax and make up some time. The views back down to Telluride are also incredible, but hard to enjoy on some sections with slightly rocky terrain.

At more mellow points in the downhill, it was fun to passing small streams as well as abandoned mining buildings and blocked off mine shafts - the descent is a great peek into the rich ougay history of the towns. The weather managed to hold until the last mam and a half or so, which is always my favorite timing for rain if a race is going to have any. It was easy to enjoy myself more - it felt like the adult phone chat snowmass work was mostly over, and I was trying to keep up speed without rushing downhill so quickly that I'd end up missing footing and falling, as is apparently pretty common irc adult chat the last few miles.

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On the descent, I was keeping my eye on my watch, trying to mentally calculate if I could hit the splits I needed - once I hit as I was continuing the descent free clarence pennsylvania sex chat no registration the finish, I told myself I'd love to hit and be within a respectable range of my goal time.

Luckily, that final section is absolutely full of volunteers who had hiked up to cheer on the runners and encourage them for the final stretch. The jeep road smoothed out a little and finally opened into a real road with about a quarter mile left, and crowds lined adult chat line in campandre sides of the street in Telluride cheering.

Keeping one eye on the clock, I tried to let me legs open up as much as I could. My friend, K, who had totally crushed the run, was waiting and cheering - a welcome sight as I was ready to get it done. They announced everyone's name as they finished, and had made a point to emphasize the Flagstaff runners there were total!

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I ended up hitting a ilne time of with my finish, which was good enough for me - at this point, I was ready to stop beating up my legs and get a beer. H, who had made the decision not to risk re-injuring his ankle as it's just starting to feel recovered, was a godsend and had watched our still-anxious puppy all morning while I ran the race that he had been more excited about ing up for cht begin with. Best boyfriend ever. He and the dog were waiting for me at the grapevine porn sex chat, both tired and overwhelmed by the crowds, and I ed them along with our other friends in a complete readiness to collapse.

Everyone had ran a strong, tough race and it was great to share that moment with a group of friends who pushed themselves so hard and are all-around badasses - I'm lucky to have come to know such great people during my year of living in Flagstaff.

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The rest of the day we mobile porn chat in a few beers, a very solid nap, burgers AND pizza, and another early bedtime, all perfect for an exhausted crew of runners and a fabulous dog dad. Sunday - enjoying a gorgeous morning in Telluride, sans hills.

Much like the Kennebec run, I went in not confident in my abilities, was intimidated by the apparent fitness and badassery of my fellow racers, generally doubted myself and on some level, didn't feel like I deserved jn be there. I've written a good bit about my insecurities of being a generally mid-pack runner living in Flagstaff, and those are things I know I'll continue to wrestle with moving forward. However, getting ourya there, doing the race, getting my ass gay chat, managing a respectable finish, and having a hell of a lot of fun again despite all those doubts continues to mean something big to me.

I maj a recent Facebook memories reminder from my first trail race, in Septemberwhere I did a 3. In many ways, it's grounding and empowering to know that before chat forums for men wanting sex year, I'd never ran more than 15 miles, let alone with notable elevation gain - now I've completed a marathon, am about to start training for my first 50K in December, and the kind of stuff I'm getting destroyed on is much longer and tougher than I would have ever imagined when I was starting to run in Atlanta.

That's why I think I've come to love and appreciate this kind of treacherous self-testing of mountain running. When it comes down to me versus me, I love that I keep beating the old me and replacing her with a slightly stronger, faster, and more confident version who gets out there and does the hard stuff because it's hard - and has fun.

It was brutal and just as lovely as I remembered.