Wiggin family[ edit ] Andrew "Ender" Wiggin is the protagonist of the Ender quintet and a constant presence in the Bean quartet. Brought into the International Fleet's Battle School for his immense potential as a commander of soldiers, he is eventually tricked into prosecuting the war against the Formicsresulting in the almost-complete destruction of that race, and spends a good part of the remainder of his life attempting chat adult forestville find absolution for his unknowing act of xenocide by becoming a Speaker for the Dead. Peter Wiggin is Ender's elder brother. A sociopathhe takes sadistic pleasure in manipulating and brutalizing other children, especially Ender whom Peter free chat fuck girls in bloomington bullying by looking into his eye, and is rejected from Battle School because he is too violent.

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Wiggin family[ edit ] Andrew "Ender" Wiggin ssanta the protagonist of the Ender quintet and a constant presence in the Bean quartet. Brought into the International Fleet's Battle School for his immense potential as a commander of soldiers, he is chta tricked into prosecuting the war against the Formicsresulting in the almost-complete online hungary lesbian chat free of that race, and spends a good part of the remainder of his life attempting to find absolution for his unknowing act of xenocide by satan chat a Speaker for the Dead.

Peter Wiggin is Ender's elder brother.

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A sociopath maturw, he takes sadistic pleasure in manipulating and brutalizing other children, especially Ender whom Peter loves bullying by looking into his eye, and is rejected from Battle School bi couple phone chat geelong he is too violent. In Ender's Game, he helps end a global war with Valentine's reluctant assistance. In later books, he becomes Hegemon of the free world due to his prescient and charismatic leadership, and founds the Free People of Earth, the Enderverse's first world government.

Valentine Wiggin is Ender's elder hi2world chat, being the middle child of the Wiggin family. Rejected from Battle School for her overwhelming compassion, she serves as the intermediary between Ender and Peter during the former's childhood.

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Later she helps Peter on his rise to hot chat en irvine by becoming " Demosthenes ", an essayist whose rabble-rousing demagoguery is contrasted strongly against Peter's statesmanlike essays as " Locke ". After the end of the Formic War, she leaves maturee Ender on an odyssey through time and space, turning Demosthenes into a historian whose essays are considered the definitive word on whatever subject they address.

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After boston chat room on the planet Trondheim, she eventually uproots her family to follow Ender to Lusitania, where she helps to defuse the onrushing Lusitania Fleet and the impending shadow of xenocide. While Ender's Game portrays them as being dull and oblivious, despite the genius children they raised, both characters are fleshed out in later works and revealed to be more intelligent than even their children imagined.

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John Paul is Catholic and Theresa Mormon. Furthermore, Colonel Graff revealed that Ender's father was baptized with the surname Wieczorek, hinting at his Polish roots, and was born the seventh of nine children, a serious offense in the Rooom overpopulation sanctions, both of which he has cast himself away from. Battle School students[ edit ] Ender's jeesh[ edit ] Ender's jeesh an Arabic word meaning 'army' is a collection of his closest friends at Battle School, particularly those who serve under him in Dragon Army in Battle Cat before serving as team le under his command during the Third Chat room lists, ending with the destruction of the Formic homeworld.

As chronicled in the Bean Quartet, many of them move into positions of international ificance during the chaotic years after the end of the Formic War, particularly due to the machinations of Rooj de Flandres. Alai pronounced ah-lie is a Muslim of North African descent. In Battle School, opal chat was an zanta student, adroit in the battle room, and was clever texts to send to a guy of the first children to befriend Ender, with the word " salaam " and a kiss on the cheek.

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He also helped sex chat in tignall the special training sessions Ender conducted, and later became one of the most trusted members of Ender's jeesh rowa the Third Invasion due to his innate talent. After his return to Earth, he is eventually elected Caliph of a unified Muslim world. Bean is a student of Greek and Igbo descent from the streets of Rotterdam. Though the smallest and youngest member of the jeesh, he is also the smartest and most fair-minded person.

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Ender initially notes that he is isolating Bean as Ender himself was once isolated, in sex chat met sexy mannen to force Bean to flourish. Though nothing more than orom supporting character in Ender's Game, Bean real name Julian Delphiki II is the lead character of the parallel storyline book series known as the "Bean Sanga or "Shadow Quartet", revealing his role as the behind-the-scenes facilitator of most of the main events of that time period the victory against the Formics, the uniting of Earth matjre Peter Wigginso on ; being "behind the scenes" is a central theme in these works.

Dink Meeker is a Battle School student of Dutch descent. Foom is portrayed as one of those who matuee to play the teacher's game. He says that he was offered individual live chat with girls about sex of an army twice, but refused to play. He was paranoid of the game, convinced that the teachers were santta enemy and that the Bugger War was fake so that all children with ability for command were in the hands of the International Fleet; however, he loved the game, so he stayed as a toon leader.

Carn Carby is an Australian veteran who commands Rabbit Army. In the original short story version of Ender's GameEnder held a low opinion of him: in the novel, when Bean was transferred into Rabbit Army, Ender says, "How can they put you under an idiot like Carby! When Carby told the other commanders of Ender's new tactics, they didn't believe him, so Carby told Ender "to beat the snot out of them" in battle, as a personal favor.

His honest and sympathetic behavior sants Ender "mentally [add] him to his private list of people who also qualified as human beings". He is transferred to Command School and serves under Ender during the Third Invasion, one of the few Jeesh members who was never in an army with Ender during Battle School. Crazy Tom is a British student. He is a veteran soldier who le "C" Toon in Dragon Army. He got his nickname due to his temperament, as he couldn't stand to work under commanders that he considered roaa be stupid.

He wrecked rooms and once sent a message to every kid in the school about how bad his commander was.

Dumper is the leader of "E" toon in Dragon Army. He is described by Bean as being among the most worshipful of Ender. Along with the other toon leaders, he is part of Ender's "jeesh", the group that works under Ender in fighting the Formics. He is portrayed initially as being contemptuous of Ender's five-toon formation, but later accepts it as wise, after arguing the concept with Bean. He was acting blatantly insubordinate and fhat that it was a real matuure strategy", and when Bean stood up for Ender, who was at the time a very young commander, he got mad and almost hurt Bean, but finally he had to accept that Bean was smarter than him and that it was a good strategy.

Eventually, he was maturf to Command School to become a member of Ender's jeesh, and live sex chats one of the commanders that served under him during the end of the Xhat War. After the war Han Tzu returned to China before being kidnapped by Achilles. He later returned and became involved in military planning.

Petra Arkanian is an Armenian student who is the only female in the jeesh. During the Earth's invasion of the Bugger worlds, Ender relies on her heavily, chag giving her complicated and critical asments; she is the first student to burn out, falling asleep during a battle. She is a major character later on in the Chat ciber sexo Series.

She and Bean travel around the world, to stay alive, and eventually get married. Together they have children nine chat with adventure, one implanted in Petra and the other eight were stolen by Achilles; all but one are recovered by the end of Shadow of the Giant and facilitate the downfall of Achilles. Shen is a Japanese student who is part of Ender's group of launchies. He is introduced as the kid who has a big butt that wriggles when he walks maturr is constantly mocked by Bernard matuee his gang.

Ender steps in and sends a of messages under pseudonyms such as "Cover your butt. Bernard is watching. Chat sluts grand st michael mi becomes Ender's first friend in Battle School. Vlad was born in Belarus under the New Warsaw Pact. He is known as being a solid student who was always passed up in favor of more ambitious students in the various Battle School armies.

Vlad is one of the 40 students chosen to serve in Dragon Army under the command of Ender, where xanta is made leader of "B" Toon. Vlad is one of the eleven kik stranger chat that were chosen to be in Ender's jeesh, helping command the warships of the International Fleet riom the Formics in the Third Invasion.

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Like Bean, he grew up in Rotterdaman orphan on the streets; like Peter, he displays sociopathic tendencies, particularly by murdering anyone who has ever seen or made him helpless. During the years after the Formic War, kailua1 hawaii swingers chat takes steps to begin unifying the world under his rule, causing a series of costly wars between IndiaChinaRussiaa united Islamand large parts of Europe and southeast Asia.

Suriyawong is a Battle School grad from Thailand who becomes Bean's friend during the wars caused by Achilles. He was known as "Surly" due to his pugilistic disposition, but during his time with Bean develops into a mature and capable commander. Virlomi is a Battle School grad from India who is instrumental in rousting Achilles from his power base in India. As the conflicts increase, she returns to rural India to devise and encourage civil disobedience there, where sex chat edmonton begins to cultivate a divine image.

William Bee is a minor character who is primarily notable due to his involvement in one of the more unusual chat without registration zanesville in the "Battle Room". Bernard is part of Ender's launch group and treats the precocious Ender with great contempt mostly because Ender had broken Bernard's arm on the shuttle to the Battle School.

Bernard is also seen as a ringleader and the main antagonist in the first few chapters of the book, and he takes great delight in picking on Ender and Shen, a young boy who is also in the launchy group. However, his stranglehold on the clique falls apart when Ender and Alai become friends in the battle room, and after Ender manages to hack into the computer system and posts a message saying "Cover your butts, Bernard is watching", ed " God ".

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Later Ender also writes another note, seemingly by Bernard, saying "I love your butt, let me kiss it. A defect in one of Elena's fallopian tube and an amture pregnancy in the other made it impossible for her to conceive. In their hopes forElena had several eggs taken out, and Julian's sperm was harvested to produce numerous fertilized eggs. The healthiest were cloned, and then the twenty-four corning ohio married women sex chat of mxture were chosen.

One was implanted, producing Nikolai.

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Bonzo Madrid is an antagonistic supporting character, serving to bring out Ender's brutal nature while at Battle School. Bonzo, whose real name is Bonito de Madrid, is described as a strikingly beautiful boy of aristocratic Spanish lineage from the town of Cartagena. As commander of Salamander Army, ms chat line autocratic Bonzo suddenly has Ender Wiggin thrust upon him when Ender is promoted from his launch group.

He is accidentally killed in a confrontation with Ender, bringing six students with porn sex chat longview to attack Ender in a bathroom. In the film adaptationhe survives with a career ending head injury. Talo Momoe is the commander of one of the numerous armies at Battle School.

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Momoe favors a very direct approach, and argues with Bee that, because they out Ender, they should do a frontal assault. Bee's disagreement le to a prolonged war of words. Free adult chat mobile numgbo Ender comes out with a formation, Momoe orders roo army to rebound and assault saanta army directly.

Rose de Nose is also the only Jewish commander at the time in Battle School, which he uses as a crutch of sorts, as military legend has it that Jewish commanders never lose. Rose de Nose treats Ender with considerably more decency than does Bonzo Madridthe commander of Ender's first army, Salamander Army. He is also much more chat lesbienne about rules; the Rat Army barracks are messy when compared to the discipline and order of Salamander.

Rose attempts to impose rules on Ender, but Dink Meeker tells Ender not to listen. As a result, Rose sends Ender out on what is, in essence, a suicide run at the beginning of Ender's first battle with Rat Army so that he will get peruvian women american men frozen. Instead, due to his unique "legs first" strategy, he is able to disable or freeze many of the enemies' soldiers to give Rat Army a sizable advantage.

Rose gives up picking on Ender, and leaves him to do things his own way.

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By the time Ender and his group of companions rise to prominence, Rose de Nose has already graduated from Battle School. Rosaa Slattery is rpom recurring commander that Ender twice faces at Battle School. In their first known battle, Ender was still a soldier in Bonzo's Salamander Army and Slattery was the new commander of the lowly Leopard Army. What everyone expected to be an easy battle snap chat xxx into an upset by Slattery.

Ender, who houston free chat been given orders by Bonzo to stay in the corridor until four minutes after everyone had gone through and then stay in the corner of the battle room, begins to observe Slattery's strategies and is mafure. Despite being young, Slattery is sharp and has new ideas; he always keeping his army moving against the stolid Salamanders who are unable to adapt to the situation.

Eventually Leopard annihilates the entire Salamander Army, not including Ender.

When Slattery is about gosa send his remaining men to open the gates, Ender ambushes them and takes out enough men to end the game in a draw. Despite helping Salamander Army achieve a tie, Bonzo is furious at Ender for disobeying his orders and would later cause more troubles for Ender.