Led by a new generation of students and workers, protests have taken place throughout the country. Java sexchat are fighting for a profound transformation of Thai society. In chta interview, Ungpakorn discusses the uprising and how activists across the world can build solidarity with the Thai struggle.

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AS: Some journalists aol chats activists have said that there is a possibility of yet another military coup to stabilize the country. Is that a possibility?

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GJU: I am always hesitant to say that a coup is unlikely in Thailand. That said, because there have been so many military coups, people in Thailand are always worried about another one. But the question for the military is: What would they achieve by overthrowing the current government? cd chat rooms

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They could stage a coup or just shut down parliament and rule by decree. But they almost rule by decree anyway. Free chat line phone numbers in nanaimo faction of the military might be tempted to overthrow the government, but I do not see any evidence of that at the moment. In reality, the military is already in power.

They rule through Prayut Chan-o-cha and his government. AS: What are the kinds of social groups and classes involved in the struggle? What have been the kind of predominant strategies and tactics of the movement? What do you think the movement needs to do to take the struggle forward and win? GJU: As I said before, the movement is led by young people, mostly students, and especially women.

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The students as a group come from a cross-section of classes. The students are ordinary, working-class. Some of them may be from middle-class backgrounds. This is a new development.

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In the past, the middle class in Thailand has tended to support the military and monarchy. The movement has attracted large sections of the working class. There have been trade unions involved in some of the protests, for example, on the eastern seaboard in Chon Buri and wmen the north of Bangkok at Latin chat minneapolis lesbianas and also in Saraburi.

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These have been organized by labor militants, but they remain a minority in the organized labor movement. Workers turn out to protests, of course, but not as organized forces at this point.

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The strategy and tactics of the movement are very interesting. Since many leaders of the movement have been arrested and now face multiple charges, they are emphasizing that everyone is a leader. They stress that star milf chat movement is democratic and that no one is instructed from above.

This is a very good thing. There is a downside to this, though. That makes the job of the police harder, which is good. Porno chat coffin bay the movement is going to overthrow the military, it must make the country ungovernable. There are only two ways of doing domen. One is rioting in the streets.

That would lead to terrible bloodshed. The military would come in and shoot people down as they have done in the past.

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The more preferable option is that the young people and the militant trade unionists get together and visit organized workers in factories, offices, transportation hubs, and so on, and talk to them about the possibility of strike action to shut down trans mission chat room economy.

Strike action is the best way to make Thailand ungovernable.

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Unfortunately, people have not yet adopted this strategy. AS: What has been the role of the left and political parties? I tried free gay chat lines fort lauderdale build a small grouping of organized socialists before I was forced to leave the country. That organization fell apart under the coup regime. Today, though, there are a growing of individuals who regard themselves as left-wing.

They need to get together and talk about forming some kind of party. They need an organized group of people in all the different arenas of the movement to win the argument for a turn to the working class and strike action.

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Uncoordinated individuals cannot do that. The Red Shirt movementwhich was chta large pro-democracy movement that arose 10 years ago, occupied key sites in Bangkok for days. The Thai military took advantage of that tactic and massacred activists in cold blood. Wanting to avoid that at all costs, the current movement gathers people in large s, people make speeches, and then the crowd disperses and goes home.

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That is quite sensible. But such actions must be supplemented with strikes to win.

What impact will the movement have on similar struggles in the region? The two powers are rivals and each want the Thai state in their camp. The Thai regime is exploiting this situation by currying favor with both.

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There are conspiracy theories that say the US is backing the demonstrations. This is nonsense. The demonstrations are self-organized by young people for their own very good reasons. The US government gay teen chat liverpool Trump is hardly in favor of overthrowing the Thai state.

It wants stability and this will not change with the incoming Biden administration. The Chinese government also wants stability. It successfully pressured the Thai government to ban a visit by Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong, who had planned to go and meet with Thai activists.

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The movement is very important for the region. The people in Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries are closely following events in Thailand. If woemn protesters win, their victory would send shock waves through Southeast Asia, giving people inspiration to fight their own regimes.

AS: What are the prospects for the movement? What it is likely is that only one of the demands will be met, but not met in full. I think that the ruling class is prepared to amend the constitution. That is not actually what the people want. They want the whole constitution scrapped and rewritten. The government will try and lure activists into accepting a rotten compromise on this demand and will ignore the other two — for the prime minister to re and the monarchy to be reformed.

If the movement ends up kicking the ball into parliament and letting the parliamentarians sort it out then there will be a very shoddy compromise. The grim statistics of death and injury on the ro are tallied each day in the media with, as often as not, worse figures than the year before. And so it was this last new new free chat - people lost their lives on the ro in just seven days.

In one horrific collision in Chonburi on 2 January, 25 people died - some burned to death free porn chat in ososhiny a crushed and overcrowded passenger van they could not escape. This status is all the more extraordinary given the fact that Thailand has been peaceful and increasingly prosperous for decades, with governments that in other fields, like healthcare and infrastructure, have made impressive progress.

In the then-government announced the following ten years as Thailand's 'Decade of Action on Road Safety'.

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It declared as the year of percent helmet use on motorbikes. All in vain. The challenge they face is not hard to see. Thailand's rapid development has bequeathed it an unrivalled network ofro in the region, nearly all paved, with plenty of multi-lane highways. There are 37 million registered vehicles, 20 million of sext chat room no login motorbikes, and millions more that are unregistered. Driving on a Thai expressway is akin to playing a hyper-caffeinated video game.

A cursory web search for road accident videos will throw up examples of breathtaking, sometimes suicidal, recklessness. Drunk driving is a huge problem. In and three foreigners, a British couple and a Chilean man, who were cycling around the world, and near the end of their journeys, were killed while travelling through Thailand. So the one killer is speed. He eram chat not bother to ticket them.

But the fines are small, and more than half of those ticketed do not bother to pay, with little follow-up. In the grandson of the man who made a fortune from the Red Bull energy drink killed a policeman while driving at speed in his Ferrari. He was charged, but has repeatedly failed to show up in court. Another case was that of a year-old girl from an influential family, driving without awho struck a passenger van, killing nine of its occupants. She was given a suspended prison sentence, and ordered to do community service - which it turned out two years later she had avoided doing.