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For whites, make it also blond, blue eyed, tending to be thin. Higher ethics needed. How to inculcate these ethics is the eternal question. But if they cross a line, I think it is also reasonable to say that. Especially since they diaper chats in drb's own house, saying "We don't say things like that in my house" is actually a very good response.

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It's not saying "you can't say fhat or "get the fuck out, bitch. I think it's especially a good one because if the friend just backs down and apologizes or, even says something like "well, I'm entitled to my opinion, but I'll respect your rules in your home"well, it's still crappy and awkward, but it's also the best way it can be dealt with at that point. But to me the fact that this woman then said it again is what was truly amazing and really shows fqlls extent marines chat her disrespect she first free phone chat in pharr texas black people, and then she disrespected drb in front of all her friends and in her own house.

There are plenty of things that offend my sense of correct thinking, but hardly any of those are enough to truly piss me off or tell a person not to say them. My friends and I disagree very deeply about things all the time.

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But most of those things don't chst matter, at the end of the day. The only things that I find truly unacceptable are the ones that are dangerous sexual video chat that hurt other people.

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And I think what drb's friend said falls into that category. So, streaming sex chat. Frankly, I think she handled fallx a lot more smoothly than I would have. Knowing myself, my response would have probably literally been "what the fuck is wrong with you? I've said it repeatedly.

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You are free to make your own posts. Your words, not mine so don't say I am talking about the big girl's table. Nauhgty activist groups people who do the organizational work are often shunted to the side. There's a reason we don't celebrate Bayard Rustin day.

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Organizers are forgotten, they aren't the public face of the group. Often they are queer people within an organization. It's not because he wasn't sitting at the "big boy's table".

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We aren't talking about the same things or saying the same things. Make your arguments. Stop including me in them.

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