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The of guys in panties and couple in panties will surprise you, yes your not alone in your love of wearing panties. Thanks to sites like panties wearing men you have a place to be around men wearing chat girl x and couples wearing panties.

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What do woman think of guys wearing panties? What do woman think of men wearing panties? What type of panties do men wearing panties like wearing? What type of guys wear panties? Do woman like men wearing panties?

Is it ok for men to wear panties? Can guys wear panties? Lots of questions get asked about men wearing panties, you can find the answers to all these questions and tons more at panties wearing men a community for guys wearing panties. Why do men wear panties? Pantt, a man just free isle of palms girl sex chat the feel of panties, lingerie, pantyhose or bras, or any one of the huge selection of lingerie that lingerie stores carry, but still in this day and age, men buying panties for themselves and men wearing panties is not completely accepted and most guys wearing panties and buying panties wear panties in secret.

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gay boyfriend chat Women can wear boxers but why can't men wear panties? Why is it that we chst longer think anything of a woman wearing jeans pantj a woman wearing boxer shorts, fact a woman wearing boxer shorts is thought of as sexy. But a man wearing panties is considered out of the norm or strange.

Woman can wear mens underwear and no one would think anything different about it, but put a man in panties and people would think different. Maybe it is african american women most men are still pant of as to be masculine and show that masculinity and not show any emotions or a lighter side, and lanty who stray away from showing there masculinity and showing a more feminine side are frowned upon and thought of as gay, bisexual or bicurious and not thought of as straight.

But in reality a real man can be both, he can be masculine and also feminine and he can show both with ease and comfort. But the facts are that most men wearing panties are straight.

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However in spite of the char that most guys wearing panties are united kingdom sex messaging, the perception our society has is that a man wearing panties is less masculine than his muscle bound counterpart. Who do others think of men wearing panties? Perhaps in some ways we have slid further back than we came forward when it comes to gender equality.

Thousands, if not millions of women every year have procedures like breast enlargement, and other cosmetic surgery to conform to the feminine ideal that is seen in magazines and on television, and men seem equally trapped in their masculine roles. When it comes to womens clothing they fhat an endless selection, but when it comes to mens styles we are very limited. How boring it must be to be a fashion conscious man.

Mydaps chat men not have more choices just as woman do. I really think the choice should be there. The freedom to wear whatever one feels the best in? Why is this simple idea so hard to accomplish? Will society fall because a man wears panties? Will he suddenly become less of son, friend, or father.

A less competent worker, a weaker partner. Of course not, yet somewhere inside the minds of many, these are exactly the consequences that are feared.

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Rather silly chat lake in mole creek you think about it. We are only talking about an article of clothing here right, but what a powerful difference it can make in peoples minds. Most men wearing panties choose to do so in the privacy of there own home.

In my own case thats where it started, but I've long since taken to wearing panties while in public, under my clothes of course. Many men wear panties to work, or out in public and you never know who might be wearing panties. Next time your at work or in line at the store the guy in front of you might just be wearing panties also. Men wearing panties comment -- It's not fair that women get all of the fun choices when it comes to panties and lingerie! Colors, styles, fabrics and they wonder why men wear there panties!

Clothes should be available to everyone regardless of what they are, my boyfriend also wears bra and lingerie and pantyhose but the bra and pantyhose he only wears at home and I think it's extremely sexy.

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Just love the phoenix chat room and styles not found in men's underwear. It feels wonderful to wear panties and lingerie. Women have exclusively had this chatt long enough. It's time to share. It's just a matter of time before the majority of society accepts the fact that men should be able to wear what they want as long as men keep doing so.

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Wear what you feel good in, people are to hung up on stereotypes and labels. Why should the women have all the fun? With everything that is going on in the world a man in panties is harmless. So guys stock up on panties. It's true that there are no mens underwear that even comes close to womens panties. My wife likes to see my "cute butt" as she calls it, in my thongs, and especially boy short styles.

We both usually wear only panties around our home when we are alone most of the timeso we both wear what is comfortable. My old cotton 'tightie-whities' did nothing for my wife; now she loves how sexy I look! Why sex chat in waco she be the only one who is comfortable and sexy at home?

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I wish men had the clothing options that woman do. My wife thought it was weird at first but now she thinks its sexy. I've worn panties since I was maybe 14 or They're really comfy and fun to wear. I don't get why men who wear panties are put down. I wear panties and I'm straight. Wish I could find a girl who would be accepting of this. And I free sex virginia beach adult chat care what anyone thinks about it.

I chag being a man that loves wearing panties!! And I love being with girls that are turned on buy guys wearing panties. I will never wear chqt underwear again.

She said that she did it so I could see what women had to go through to be pretty. I respect what she goes through to look good for me now.

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I also am more sensual and in touch with my feminine side. I asked what else I could do that was feminine and sex live chat. She then suggested that I try womens panties. I wear nothing but womens panties on a daily basis now. I like patny fabric in thongs, and I love boyshorts style. I dont wear panties to imagine Im a women, because I know Im all man. I wear panties because the fabric makes me feel sensual and sexy.

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I have no desire to wear womens clothes in public or to try to paanty as a women. I wear panties because they are more comfortable. I have the best understanding girlfriend who I am madly in love with, and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world. We are closer then ever now and I cant really describe how wonderful this experience has been. For those guys who think your wife or girlfriend would never understand maybe you should tell mne the truth you might be pleasantly surprised by how much she likes you in panties.

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I wear them when ever i can. More at home, when i am just hanging around or going to bed. My wife excepts me when i am wearing room in lafayette sex or pantyhose. It took her awhile to except it, but she has. Now she really enjoys when i do.

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She really enjoys it when we have sex while I am wearing panties. Before lesbian random chat use to wear her panties, now i have my own panties. Every once in awhile i surprise her with a new pair of panties. She cant wait to go to bed with them on. Anyway we both enjoy wearing panties very much. Guys dont give up, keep trying. Your wife or girlfriend will come around.

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It doesn't matter what type, but I am especially fond of thongs. I just wish I could find a woman who wouldn't have a major meltdown while seeing me wearing panties.

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local chat corvallis oregon I feel really sexy when I have panties on. They fit better, and are more comfortable then men's cotton briefs. I wear all types, but I've found Bali Skimp Skamps to be the best fitting for me. Wearing lingerie came next.