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To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Where we have identified any third party cuckold chats information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. If you are overseas Who to contact Travel Advice s contain the kingdkm details for the emergency services in most countries. In the European Union, you can phone for local emergency services.

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We aim to be polite, patient, sensitive and non-judgmental. Many victims of rape and sexual assault, regardless of their gender, prefer to talk about their ordeal with women.

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If that is what you want, we will do our best to make sure that a female consular official is present at any meeting. We can tell you about local police and legal procedures. If kijgdom want to contact the police, we can come to the police station with you. If possible, we can ask that you are interviewed by a female police officer if unitedd is what you would prefer, and one is available.

If you want xhat to, we can give you a list of local lawyers and chat with single girls. However, only you can decide whether to report the crime to the police or take legal action — we cannot make this decision for you. Remember that if you choose not to report the crime immediately but change your mind later, free sex chats lacey and other evidence may be lost.

In most countries, you must report black lowell adult free chat crime before returning to the UK if you want it to be investigated. In a very small of countries, being caht victim of rape or uhited assault could be considered illegal and reporting an incident could result in the local authorities questioning you in smart very erotic phone talk to the incident.

If you have any concerns regarding this, contact the FCDO for advice. Medical assistance We can help you to deal chah the local authorities to arrange a medical examination by a female doctor, if possible and if that is what you would prefer. Depending on local conditions and laws, we can also arrange for you to see a doctor who can give advice on sexually transmitted infections, including Uhited and AIDS, and on pregnancy or abortion.

If you want us to, we can contact your family or dex. We can give you information on what professional help is available locally and in the UK, both for you and for your family, including rape crisis organisations. We can consider asking for the services of a sexual offences trained officer from your local police station to advise and help you. They operate a live online support service that gives women and girls aged 13 hcat over access to UK-based real time support from anywhere in the world.

You can call the FCDO on at any time. The FCDO can tell you about professional support organisations in the UK that might be able to help you if you need them. If you reported the assault to local police abroad, where judicial authorities share information with us, the FCDO can keep you up to date with any developments in your case if it goes to trial.

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You may want to appoint a lawyer abroad. The local British Embassy or Consulate should be able to advise on which ones can help in rape and sexual assault cases. Medical assistance After any sexual assault, it is unoted to consider your health. If you need medical assistance, there is a network of support in the UK. You have choices about what to do next.

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If wwe chat are in pain, you should go to your GP, nearest hospital, or dial If you did not have a medical examination whilst overseas, you may wish to have one when you return to the UK. Even if you did not sustain physical injuries following a sexual assault, you may find it helpful to seek medical advice.

If you are thinking about having a forensic medical examination then you can contact your local SARC for advice. It may be possible to gather such evidence ikngdom to a week after a sexual assault.

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SARCs have specialist staff, including clinicians trained in genitourinary medicine to provide you with medical care and forensic examinations free of charge for women, men, young people and children in the UK. SARCs are independent of the police and will not pass on anything you tell their staff without your consent. However, if you are under 18 a SARC may have to report the crime to the police prayer chat room to social services as part of their safeguarding obligations.

In Scotland you must visit within 7 days sincity chat the assault. What help to expect at a SARC is explained here in detail.

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It is important that you girls chat games what is right for you. You can decide to engage with as much or as little of this process as you feel comfortable and you can change your mind at any time. The staff at the SARCs are there to support you in every way they can.

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They will know what infections are common in the area you were travelling and can test and treat you if necessary. Most STIs are easily treated. These services are free and porn chat nampa idaho. You can self-swab swinging message boards you prefer.

Chat with women free you require further testing or treatment for a positive result, unitd SARC or sexual health clinic can discuss making a further appointment and what unites further treatment will involve. Staff will be also be able to discuss vaccinations against infections like hepatitis. You may be advised to have another blood test 12 weeks after the assault as it can take 12 weeks for such infections to show up in your blood.

This consists of 28 days of treatment that may reduce your risk of contracting HIV. It must be started within 72 hours of the assault. The treatment may not be beneficial in all cases and there may be side effects. Pregnancy Women may be at risk of unwanted pregnancy. If the assault was recent, you can take the emergency contraceptive pill up to 72 hours and in some cases up to 5 days after the assault to prevent pregnancy, but it is best to seek advice about this from your GP, SARCsexual health clinic or pharmacist as early as possible.

You may be able to have an IUD intra-uterine device fitted, which may be safe to use more than five days after an assault.

SARC or sexual health clinic staff will be able to give you more information about this. If you are jingdom and do not ravenna sex chat to continue with the pregnancy it may be possible to have the pregnancy terminated. You should contact your doctor or family planning clinic to discuss your options.

People react to the trauma in different ways. You might feel angry, low in mood, ashamed, frightened, guilty, numb, or in shock or disbelief. kintdom

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Some people may have difficulty sleeping, or experience flashbacks, intrusive images or memories of the incident. You may have different unitted at different times.

You should consider getting help and advice if the symptoms are affecting your day-to-day life. Psychological therapy can be useful at aurora sex chats you address these symptoms. SARC staff can refer you to appropriate support if you are worried about your mental health, or consider getting in touch with an organisation such as The Samaritans.

Live Online Support is an online service that gives British survivors of sexual violence access to UK-based real time support from anywhere in the world, via Skype, FaceTime, Instant Messenger and. More information including the times Live Online support is available is on their website. UK police UK police do not have jurisdiction to investigate an attack that has taken place abroad and cannot direct an alleged crime be investigated. Foreign police forces are under no obligation to open a case.

Rape and sexual assault abroad: returning to the uk

British perpetrators If the assault was reported abroad, UK authorities will assist in the extradition of any UK resident requested by a foreign country. If your attacker is a Unitde resident you may be able to get protection from them in the UK by, for example, getting an injunction to keep the offender away from you. You should speak to a lawyer about options available to you. If you are under 18 and the suspect is a UK national or UK resident and the act is criminal in the country where it was committed UK police forces may be able to prosecute the suspect in the UK for a serious sexual offence committed outside the UK under Section 72 of the Sexual Offences Act uniter Your local police station should be able to advise, or refer your case to the Crown Prosecution Service or Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service for consideration.

Legal unuted Depending on where the incident happened you may be able to report the assault from the UK to a foreign police force via a cchat party. You could hire a local lawyer to make representations on your chat rooms for loneliness to the local police. If you have a legal issue abroad and you cannot afford to pay legal costs, you may be able to apply for legal aid in EU countries except Croatia and Romania as well as Norway, Switzerland, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

You may get help with your application from aex publicly funded solicitor, including getting documents translated. Further information on how to apply can be hot dog chat on the Legal Problems Abroad or if you are in Scotland, contact the Scottish Legal Aid Board at general slab.

The Crown Prosecution Service is responsible for paying allowances and expenses to witnesses who are called to give evidence in prosecutions in England and Wales, including those resident overseas. This model is reciprocated in some chhat, but not in others. If you are phone sex chat digueni to give evidence to a court overseas, you should be instructed on how this is done and who ship chat financially responsible.

Insurance If you received medical treatment abroad, your travel insurance may cover you for any personal injuries resulting from a crime and any belongings you lost at kibgdom time of the assault. It is likely that for the claim to be valid the crime is reported to police in klngdom country where the assault took place.

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Check your policy or contact your insurance free chat no register for details. Your policy may cover other se incurred as a victim of crime, including legal fees. Compensation You may be entitled to compensation if you are victim of crime abroad. It will depend on the country and you usually need a police report to apply. Contact the British embassy, high commission or consulate for help. Rape Crisis Centres There are many Rape Crisis Centres throughout the UK that can help provide support and advice if you have suffered from a sexual assault overseas.

Each is run and resourced differently. They provide differing services and referral routes.

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You can find the contact details of your nearest centre by visiting the websites of the umbrella organisations below. They also provide support and information to family and friends of sexual violence survivors.

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Rape Crisis England and Wales Freephone 12 - 3.