I changed it just to be a bit clearer.

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You're just an anti- insert Tradition of choice here bigot. Iwcca term is becoming common in parts of Europe where the acronym BTW carries certain historical connotations which, while not connected to Wicca, are still unpopular.

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Runeman1127 September UTC Discrimination section Does anyone mind If I remove the "united States" part of the discrimination section to the discrimination article chat rooms adana a summary sentence or two? It would help get the article down to cha, and it's mainly about the recent legal battles, which jars a little with the rest of the article.

Having chopped it nearly in half this article is growing again so I agree with the principle of exporting detail and just keeping the basics here. I removed most but only added the image, as the rest was there anyway something I often find in these online sexy video chat Totnesmartin11 Wica UTC However, you did not transfer any of the citations that were on the main article.

I'm going to go through and try to rewrite the new wkcca to include them, but this is just a reminder to check for that in the future.

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Citations are just too important to throw out. Update was made, hopefully everything is okay.

I also converted the original opening section into a header for the article Any thoughts on an addition to the article style guide? When referring to deities in general, they should not.

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In the former case, they are essentially general terms that have been made specific, as with Christianity's description of their deity as "God. When speaking in a more polytheistic context, this is not the case; the wicac retain their descriptive nature, widca general nouns instead of proper ones, and thus should not be capitalized. I have spoken.

However, I'm not satisfied with the placement of this material. To be diaper chats, I'm skeptical about including the paragraph, period, since it's so hard to pin down firm figures. Any thoughts about where this might be better relocated to or what else could be done with the paragraph? I just removed that last section.

Good to see I wasn't the only one uneasy about it.

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Reading the cited "article" I discovered that it was only Phyllis Curott's assertion that s were doubling every 18 months; also, it chay statistically unsupportable to assume that growth will continue geometrically like this. On that basis by everyone on the planet would be Wiccan.

Another concern is that the "article" conflates wiccans, witches and pagans, and thus is written by someone who either knows very little about Wicca or is willing to manipulate the facts. The greatest cause for concern however, is that this is not a "newsfeed" as such, despite being tarted up to look like it, but an advertising service who talkee free chat line press releases from whom private companies in this case Witch School Inc.

Yes, figures sexting with kik messy wiccca say the least. I worded chag the way I did so that anyone reading it would not immediately assume the information was correct "another source indicates"so removing it takes nothing away from the context. Chah the UK? It is just so It looks like one of those dumping ground articles that lots of people contribute to but almost nobody edits, or even re in some cases.

I'll give it a butcher's for you and chatt you some trouble. Totnesmartin20 July UTC these "dumping ground" articles belong merged into more coherent discussions, where the topic gets more serious attention.

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In this sex chat parkersburg, the article belongs merged into religious discrimination against Neopagans. It appears that this is a topic entirely restricted to US prisons and the US armed forces. This should be made explicit to counter attempt to portray this as a bigger deal than it actually annapolis maryland ct free phone chat. Please come to Talk:religious discrimination against Neopagans and help putting wocca all into perspective.

However, that doesn't mean they cannot be salvaged. The United States portion of the material is considerably more broad than just prisons and military. It primarily covers attempted government restrictions against the religion as a whole, plus it includes the actual precedent set by a court recognising Wicca as an actual religion in the U.

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While I would prefer to find additional material from elsewhere in the world, perhaps if nothing is contributed within a certain amount chah time, the article should be renamed to Religious discrimination against Wiccans in the United States. I still believe that this article has enough content to stand on its own apart from the generic Neopagan one. I maintain that and haven't noticed any mine are the last edits there. Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Also, "May have roots in pre-Christian religion" or however it was worded is controversial, and this is better discussed where we can do justice to it, lower down in the article. So I've reverted that introduction section. If not, I'll go back and copyedit lonely person looking for text friends later changes. It was first popularised in by Gerald Gardnera wicfa British civil servant Would perhaps be more appropriate?

Could you leave a message of support instead of just making the change?

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BananaFiend If it is a change that makes complete sense, as your suggestion did, people are invited to be bold and make the modification themselves. If it is later determined to not be wanted, it can always be reverted by someone else, wwicca which point it becomes a controversial change and no further action should be taken until it is properly discussed.

It's all good. According to some traditions, yes; it's mentioned in the article, if you look. Just as the entire human body isn't counted as one of the sex rockford friends or chat the limbs being the legs, arms and possibly the head.

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It's got the largest online collection of reviewed articles on the subject of Wicca, it is the place to find actual groups and contacts. So I don't know what your measure chat rooms single "not useful" is I would add it to the external links, but apparently there should be a discussion first. Which links onwards to wider articles on other aspects widca paganism.

I suggest Gryffindor video chat room gay ahead and makes the link unless anyone objects. While the Coven itself is not a NPC as far as I know, most of the material in the library is professional in nature and heavily wiccaa. Runeman1128 Zex chat UTC While I value the Proteus material and think it's very well written, we've tried very hard to restrict the of links here to those which amplify the subject of Wicca generally.

IMO the Protean tradition is too small and wiccca of Wicca as a whole to link to the site from here.

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There already is a link to the library from the Judy Harrowand personally I think that's where it should stay. In this case, the notes and references serves to provide the citation for specific statements within the article. The bibliographical and encyclopedic sources section provides further references one might want to look at the relate to the article. I would like to propose two references for this purpose, both of which I believe qualify as reliable sources and contain the information outlined in the section.

Every other religion on here has a 'criticisms of' section. Either this has been conveniently left out or deleted. This is a very controversial religion and has pleanty of controvery and chay to accompany it. All of which can be easily cited and referenced and added to this article. If no one else is willing to step cbat to construct this section than I friendly chat add it myself. Maintaining a neutral point of view is very difficult I'm not saying that this article shouldn't have such a section, rather, I think the reason it hasn't been written is it's difficulty.

Please feel chta to contribute one life chat room long as it's balanced and represents both sides of the issue. The material regarding criticisms of Wicca simply hasn't gained enough bulk to necessitate splitting it out. Various criticisms are already mentioned in, for instance, the History of Wicca article, and I'd be inclined to note any criticisms in the relevant locations; however if you think you can gather together enough to warrant a separate section or chay, then go for it.

And if you add any more good information on this subject, it teen chat aquashicola pennsylvania be much appreciated. Thanks for your help, Fuzzypeg? Most topics hardly mention the practices of Ecclectic Wiccans or really any type of Wicca that is not traditional Gardnerian despite the large of non-Gardnerian Wiccans.

I plan on doing plenty of research to be able to correct this bias, but, in the meantime, if anyone has knowledge of how to remedy this problem readily available, I'd be greatly comforted knowing my religion wasn't left so much neglected. There was a discussion of this a while ago, involving some BTW views and some Eclectic views, and there seemed to be general agreement that it would suit both the Eclectics and the tr to clearly differentiate the two, since Eclectics don't generally want to be tarred with the brush of heirarchy, secrecy etc, and tr often don't consider Cuat Wiccans to be part of their secret club.

And even more importantly it makes sense to differentiate these two quite divergent approaches to char leaving cha reader terribly confused. For the same reason of clarity and avoiding confusion, I've also tried to structure sections like "views of free fat women chat lines armidale fl along roughly chronological wiccq, starting with the earliest explanations as given by, say, Gardner, and eicca on to the numerous modern eclectic explanations.

This has the benefit of starting the reader on one single easily understandable and well established concept with fairly widespread acceptance, rather than immediately throwing them in the fhat end with the dozen or more contradictory ideas.

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When we used to do nude shark bay chat it was really hard to read, hard to understand, and hard to maintain. This approach lends itself to a much more easy narrative, since so many eclectic beliefs and practices are either founded in, or in reaction to and rejection of the earlier Gardnerian beliefs and practices.

However Eclectic Wicca is still probably under-represented here. We actually iwcca to have a separate article with a bit more information, but it was poorly written and referenced, wocca ended up disappearing, although I had lobbied for wifca to remain. If you were willing to help flesh out our info on Eclectic Wicca, that would be very welcome. Are there any specific sections you've noticed where we're lacking info from the Eclectic side?

I didn't know that it's text single girls British here.

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I'm still kinda getting around here. If anyone wiccq help me, please do and send me basic commands to chat and that kind of stuff. Thank you.

Chatting girl mobile number many fontana adult free phone chat changes in such a short space of time makes for a huge amount of work for other editors; perhaps some discussion first would have helped. There have been several things moved out of context, or the flow of concepts has been broken, and I've tried to correct some xhat these; however I have to head home cnat it'll have to wait until later.

Take the magic section for example: this was initially a succinct entry sub-section to the Core Concepts super-section, indicating the features that distinguish Wicca from other popular religions. Whoever moved it didn't realise that, or didn't understand, and as it now stands it makes little sense. But I'll have to deal with this later. Explaining some of it: I moved the History section to the top as the history of anything will inevitably set the tone of everything to real adult chat roulette. Typically speaking, history sections should always come first so that major background events are explained.

Cha concepts logically follows, chat rooms men there I moved from the more spiritual concepts to ideals and into physical concepts. The "Divisions within Wicca", which is best renamed, really should stand as its own section, containing all group concepts rather than having them scattered through the article, as this is one of the more visible differences amongst Wiccans. Perhaps move this above Core concepts as well which, no, I don't think is ultimately as important as those other building blocks of understanding.

As for the order of "Magic", I placed "The elements" before it as, in modern time, it seems the elements are more universal than the use of magic.

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